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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Bob Young, May 14, 2013.

  1. Jack Devlin

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    Jeeze, I forgot about ol' Johannes. He certainly was around long before Al Gore came along and invented the internet.:)
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  3. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    Maybe the title should be amended to "Purdy good spot"
  4. Jack Devlin

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    I heard the fishing area is now set up in reserved, numbered "beats" and there are charges for parking. Think I'll stay away and look for a new spot.:)
  5. daveypetey

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    This place is ridiculous.
  6. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    There's all sorts of saltwater that's good. Most doesn't have a name.
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  7. formerguide

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    To loosely paraphrase Marie Antoinette, "Let them fish Purdy!"

    Seriously, I have lived in WA for fewer than 5 months, yet I'm already surprised at how many people fish that spot. It has some great features, but it's proximity to businesses and traffic noise make it a no-go for me, it's just not why I fish. Fished it twice and caught some fish, but I'd rather be alone or at least fish somewhere where there's the impression of being alone.


  8. Dipnet

    Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

    I'm with you Dan! :cool:

    The feeling of being alone or apart from the "busyness" of everyday life and experiencing the wonders of nature without crowds is a major part of fishing, at least for me.

    I've avoided fishing Purdy due to that and that's also why I try to not fish on the weekends (one of the perks of being retired! :)).

    There's lots of secluded uncrowded beaches. All it takes to find 'em is a little research and a willingness to spend some gas money!
  9. Bob Young

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    So it seems we are not a friendly community of salt water flyfishers. If you just post fish porn I think you are just bragging.
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    I don't like getting into these sticky subjects, but I have to disagree on this. When I look for reports, I don't look to learn spots. I'm simply looking to see if fish are active, and what sorts of things they're feeding on, what conditions are producing or not, and what flies may be working.

    Also, more so than anything, I use the reports to get my juices flowin' and get my motivation up to go make some casts.

    Locations rarely matter to me, and I really enjoy seeing reports from folks. I don't see it as bragging, unless the person is a real jerk about things. It's always good to see others scoring some awesome fish and also good to see others strike out and just enjoy the day.

    And, once again, you can always reference a Marine Area or a general area without naming a beach.
  11. wlai

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    Don't worry about it Bob. Given the number of cars driving by Purdy everyday, just being out there with a rod constitutes "giving it away".
  12. High Flyin

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    And now to top it off. I take out a single engine plane and fly the shoreline looking for good fishing spots. Except Bangor and PSNS, both restricted areas. Now is that cheating?
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  13. Jack Devlin

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  14. Pat Lat

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    and as you can see from the pictures, it's VERY crowded. Also I'd like to point out the FACT, that the pictures show not a single fish anywhere along the beach. Don't go there its bad for your blood pressure.
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  15. DimeBrite

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    This is a very helpful saltwater forum, but you should have zero expectations that specific beaches will be named in favorable fishing reports. It is foolish to name beaches on the internet, as the insane photo of Hoodsport below indicates:
    Specific beach locations should only be shared via personal messages, not in open forums or on fly shop websites. It is best to share Marine Area, flies, lines, tactics, time of day, tidal movement, bait, birds, etc. A few quality fish photos would be bonus. Nobody is entitled to know where others fish. A good report lets others know what's going on out there and inspires them to fish.
  16. Nick Clayton

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    Yup. What Dime said.

    There was a time when I thought similarly to some of you, figuring since everyone and their brother knew of these places that it was fine to name them.
    I was wrong. People may know of these places, but most are far too lazy to go out and fish until they hear its hot. Then suddenly these well known places go from a few guys here and there enjoying some quality fishing and keeping fairly quiet about it to a complete zoo of people who never would have gotten off their couch if they hadn't read how hot the fishing was all over the internet.

    I learned my lesson and will never repeat the mistake. Believe me, if you stick around long enough it will eventually happen to you too. But then again maybe that sort of thing just wouldn't bother you.
  17. Dipnet

    Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

    Well, cheating in the same sense of the word as me, who doesn't have a pilot's license, using Google Earth to first check out areas I later drive to.

    I'm all for using current day technology in order to research areas to fish. What I don't like is the "gimme, gimme" attitude of "where, when, which tide, which fly, etc., etc."

    Although I definitely like "fish porn" it's better appreciated with a hint of mystery involved!

    Just my 2ยข! YMMV! ;)
  18. Daryle Holmstrom

    Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

    Stick point is hot right now, Not sure if anyone goes NW
  19. Dipnet

    Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

    Reminds me of the old quote from Yogi Berra: "No one goes there anymore. It's too crowded!"
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  20. PfleugerPhister

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    What you leave out is that nobody can tell you what kind of report to put out. If someone is stoked about their day and wants to share it, so be it. Pretty sure nobody had a gun to their head and told them to write "Purdy" What the site doesn't need is a bunch of guys being jerks anytime someone puts up a report, or better yet, telling them what kind of report and what kind of information they can put in it. Until the gestapo of WFF makes straightforward rules that prevent any location detail from being inserted into a report, you can post whatever kind of report you like. Alternately, just saying you went out and caught a bunch of fish that morning does nothing but stroke the posters' ego.
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