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  1. some people believe the internet has no impact or the same impact as newspapers used to... and people who live in the reality based world know the internet has a huge impact on crowding. of course, no one can tell you not to post specifics and it is your right to post whatever you want.

    roger stephens reports with no specific locations are the best on this board. passing along techniques, tactics, and general area information are the most interesting pieces of reports imo.

    and any report posting (regardless of specifics) has a bit of ego involved.

    thank god i have a boat.
  2. It amazes me that there are people who think that discussing such details over the internet is a good thing.

    Dime has not once given me a location to fish. Never. Yet I have learned an immense amount from his posts. I am much more grateful for the time he, and several key others, have taken to post up details about techniques, flies, lessons learned, beach structure to look for, currents/tides etc than I could ever be if he just said "Go stand here and fish".

    Its sad that people want a handout, instead of appreciating the amazing resource this place is, and putting that to work.
  3. I disagree wholeheartedly with the premise of your post, but certainly respect the fact that you are entitled both to the opinion itself, and to verbalizing said opionion.

    However, using a Nazi reference as analagous to the people who run and manage this forum is childish, innacurrate and grossly disrespectful . I have no knowledge of your prior issues (or lack thereof) with the owner and admins of this site, but the gestapo reference is truly offensive. I suspect this is a rather thankless job, this is a free site, and I, for one, appreciate the time and effort that those who make it possible put forth. And there is no time at all when any reference to Nazis or Gestapo can be taken as anything but a perjorative term to the extreme, and quite frankly should be withheld for all but the most damning indictments, which can not possibly be the case here. This is, after all, a fishing site.


  4. Well, yeah, the interweb is still a free and wild venue, as well it should be. Folks are entitled to post what they want. I don't think anyone wants "jack-booted thugs" dictating what should/should not be posted but the reference to "gestapo" is unwarranted and, at least by me who's of German heritage, very unappreciated.

    I'm hoping that the poster didn't realize how emotion-laden that word is, even now-a-days, and was just trying to express his desire to keep the Internet and forums such as this open and uncensored.

    But I think the focus of what some have said here (and I fall in that group) is not "THOU SHALT NOT POST SPECIFIC REPORTS!" but more of a suggestion that those reports should not provide every little iota of information.

    At least to me, that removes a lot of the fun of fishing. I enjoy exploring new places, at different times, trying all the flies in the box and just figuring out what the he** is going to make a fish give me some love!

    IMHO, if you wish to pass on specific info, do it via a PM.

    If someone had given me all the beta on a spot and I knowingly went to the same place as the guy who was there yesterday, stood on the same rock and used the same pattern at the same time of the tide and caught fish, sure, I'd still enjoy catching the fish. A fish on the end of your line is always fun! OTOH, it's just not the same level of enjoyment as if I'd really researched the area on my own, walked up-and-down the beaches looking for "fishy" water and tried my own patterns and techniques.

    If I just want to catch fish, I'll go to a stocked trout pond.

    If I want to fish, I will do it on my own.

    My 2ยข!:)
  5. NO REPORTS FOR YOU! -the WFF Reports Nazi. ;)
  6. Purdy is far from secret. I've been fishing it the better part of 22 years. BUT, there are MUCH better places to fish on the KP. God, I thought I posted this before, must've been another thread. But there are a ton of places that are much better to fish. But, alas, they're all private. Benefits of being a friendly UPS driver who takes care of his customers.......private beach rights. ;) In fact, working on a big right of way for use for PHWFF. It's a doozy if I can get it.
  7. Oh, I should add before someone jumps in. Yes, reports on here do overload a spot. BUT, with any saltwater and anadromenous stream, what was hot yesterday probably won't be hot today. Why you never see me posting reports or pics up, unless it's a PHWFF trip. :)
  8. the difference between the internet and magazines / newspapers is that you don't have to be a hoarder to be able to find out past info... just a quick search on google.

    internet posts don't weather or biodegrade.
  9. Information yearns to be free. Anyone wishing otherwise is just putting themselves up for frustration when the "secret" eventually come out.

    We are lucky with the number of places to fish in the northwest. Just enjoy and share, and if the word is out and it does get crowded, its just an opportunity to explore new ground!
  10. says the guy who doesn't post reports ;)
  11. I'm new to fly fishing and so have nothing to report yet. But I am working on a GPS-enabled fly, which also has water temperature sensor and current flow meter, and will be posting the exact info of every hookup when I do get fish. And use for you, I'll even put in driving directions to the spot. :-p
  12. Unfortunately, our civilian GPS isn't quite open all the way yet I do believe. So you can get that GPS fly going (I'll supply the 12 wt to toss that bad boy), but when you go back, you could be 3 feet off. That could cause a LOT of snags. ;)
  13. when you see places become crowded that once were not...
    when you see seasons vanish that once were long...

    then you can tell me that fishing "information yearns to be free."

    i could tell you numerous fisheries i enjoy that could not be easily replaced if they became crowded, and that regardless of the "number of places to fish in the northwest" some are a whole lot better than others.... and being less crowded makes fishing better.


  14. Good luck. Just don't expect to make many angler friends as you crusade to out their favorite fishing spots over the Internet. With knowledge comes responsibility, both to your fellow anglers and to the integrity of our limited natural resources. If you stick with saltwater fly fishing more than a season or two you will come to appreciate this more and more.
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  15. When I got into the sport, I had no idea that the aesthetic of the sport will be tainted by so much peer pressure that it would make a high school homecoming queen blush. Jeez.
  16. If someone feels they need to name the beach they fished in a report, by all means do so. Hopefully over time they'll learn like many others have that doing so doesn't benefit our saltwater resources.

    I for one really like a well written report mentioning just the MA fished with details regarding tides, flies or lines used etc versus a report that someone fished beach x. Quite a few very knowledge saltwater forum members do so and their reports are great reads. They even post pictures, which I find is far from the ego stroking claimed earlier in this thread.

    Going and finding another place to fish if another place gets crowded may seem easy. Considering the amount of shoreline Puget Sound has to offer, very little of it has public access. While info may yearn to be free, just wait a few months to see the effect. Someone will post a report about getting their humpy on at a specific beach. A week later that same person will be on here bitching about the crowds. You can book it.

    A little over a month before thing get rolling. Good luck to everyone this summer on the beaches. Hope to see some familiar faces out there again this summer.

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