Purple Lightning Bug - Fly Tying

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  1. Denver Rathbun from the Great Falls Big R Fly Shop is behind the vise this week tying the Purple Lightning Bug. This pattern fishes well most months of the year, but especially in the Fall and Winter months, and makes for a great mayfly or midge imitation.

    • Dai-Riki #135, Size 18
    • Purple Haze Holo Flash Fibers
    • Peacock Herl
    • Medium Holo Tinsel - Purple
    • Ultra Thread 70 - Black
    • Ultra Wire SM - Black
    • 5/64" Bead - Black

    Track: "Rock Bottom Riser" by Rock Bottom Risers
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  2. Thanks for posting. I like it. May have to try one out.
    But then again, I am not the one that is going to try to eat it.
  3. "...especially in the Fall and Winter months, and makes for a great mayfly or midge imitation."

    Oh Yeah...I can't even remember the last time I fished in the Fall or Winter when there was not a good number of holographic purple midges or mayflies available to the fish.
    I know, based on the popularity of these bright, shiny, colorful patterns and the reports that I have read that they must be pretty productive. Can't say why, but I just cannot bring myself to tie or fish them for trout. I've only recently used a few beadheads...but I don't like them, either. I guess I'm just not "growing" anymore, as a trout fly fisher (I don't mind throwing something stupid looking at bass...or even steelhead). Am I the only one with this attitude?

  4. What exactly is the problem? The fact that its holographic? Or that its purple? Or are either of those things okay separately, but when combined some kind of line gets crossed?

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