Push Pole use while fishing for Carp and Bass

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by cmann886, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. What do you folks use in the way of a push pole when fishing the columbia and similar shallow areas for Carp and Bass? Are they worth the investment? I have a pontoon with a casting platform and an avon raft that might work better in shallows with a push pole than with oars and an anchor.
  2. I doubt either the raft or the toon will track properly with a push pole. I wouldn't want to spend too much money to find out.
  3. I really enjoy push poling my 1236 jon boat around with an angler up front and just a wooden closet rod from Home Depot. I think it's 1 1/4" diameter and 13 feet long which will probably cost you around $15. Even cheaper you could try a 10 foot length of PVC pipe at around $4. You want a pushpole longer than the boat preferably. If you're solo you'll have to figure out a tether or something for the pole so you can drop it and quickly make a cast..

    Poling is a very pleasant way to get around flats and especially if you're poling someone else the push pole really gets both people in on the action. Kind of like the pilot and the bomb dropper having to work together to accomplish the task. If you love it and do enough of it then maybe buy a high end graphite pole, but the wood or PVC will get you started for cheap. I recommend sticking with it for a while too until you really get the hang of it before deciding if it's worth doing. Leaning to pole after knowing how to row is a bit like learning to fly cast after knowing how to cast a spinning rod: everything feels strange and backwards but once it finally clicks, it feels like a totally natural action.
  4. I just gotta new push pole for my cataraft. It is almost icing up where I live so I won't be using it for a while. That being said a push pole is more fun than oars because you have a better vantage point to pick fishing spots. But it isn't perfect in winds a pole might not be enough. Just figure out where you will be and if a pole is the best option start with a home made job like recommended above.
  5. I have a lot of PVC left over from putting in a sprinkler system---I will find a tether and give it a try. I'll probably use a couple so that is is easier to transport a pole of sufficient length.
  6. If you are poling from the stern area of your boat, and the pole gets stuck in the bottom or jammed between two rocks, etc,then you might want let go of it immediately, or you may be pulled overboard. You can always go back for it and pull it out.
  7. cmann886, we need to get together this year to do some fishing. I did a lot of paddling this past year around the Wye Park area and the Yakima river mouth. The big flats created at the Yak river mouth are full of big carp. I did try some carp stalking last year, but my technique wasn't working. I was spooking fish before I got a chance to get a shot off. I did tie into a big carp while floating the Yakima and fishing for smallies. I definitely want some more of that. Let me know.

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