WFF Put Your Name Where Your Mouth Is

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Nick Metzman

    Nick Metzman Member

    My current login is flykid21 and my real name is Nick Metzman.

    Thank you, great idea
  2. My current log in name is Sprintcar13 and my name is Steven Hendrickson, thanks!
  3. My current log in is scbrown333 and my name is Steffan Brown... Thanks Chris.
  4. Evan Smyth

    Evan Smyth New Member

    Smytro to Evan Smyth. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  5. Mike McAvoy

    Mike McAvoy olddog22202

    My sign in is olddog22202 and my name is Mike McAvoy Sr.
    Thanks Chris,
  6. Ed Caine

    Ed Caine New Member

    Thank You!!! I am Ed Caine. My user name, appropriatly, is Negative Example.
  7. Cedar

    Cedar Active Member

    cjon225 = Clark Jones
  8. Bill Miller

    Bill Miller New Member

    featherbender is Bill Miller
  9. Kenny Nash

    Kenny Nash New Member

    Chris I would like to change mine as well from "topstair" to Kenny Nash
  10. James W. Haan

    James W. Haan Member

  11. Mark Buick

    Mark Buick DryFly1

    I am happy to do this. I have not been a member very long but last night I cant remember more fun than reading the Large Idaho Triploid report as well as information from another member regarding the Kettle which I ended up not fishing because of the great reporting from another member.

    So I am officially a great fan and would love to get to know more members by name.

    My screen name is Dryfly1 ( as is my license plate ). My real name is MarkBuick and would be pleased to be that on the forum.
  12. Brady Burmeister

    Brady Burmeister Active Member

    Black Zonky is Brady Burmeister

    Thanks. Great forum.
  13. Sam Decker

    Sam Decker New Member

    OK here we go
    molly d=Sam Decker
  14. Jon Viebrock

    Jon Viebrock Livin down by the river, eating gov'ment cheese...

    You can do me too. Name's Jon Viebrock (Jonny V), old screen name "worldsgreateststeelheader".
  15. John Forsyth

    John Forsyth New Member

    John Forsyth
  16. Don Davis

    Don Davis Formerly FlyCatcherman, formerly Don_The_Fly

    I'm not sure why forums and such came up with "screen names" to start with unless people just wanted to be anonymous.
    please feel free to change me from FlyCatcherman to Don Davis!
    Thanks, Chris. Running a forum like this is a lot of work and you do a great job with it!
  17. Tod Fossetta

    Tod Fossetta Sorry, I'm not set up for that.

    Please make me Tod Fossetta, or as I like to be called, "the fly fisherman formerly known as trdigger", or my new symbol (&?#, it worked for Prince, right?
  18. Ryan Mills

    Ryan Mills New Member

    You can change mine to me, Ryan Mills.
  19. Pete Langevin

    Pete Langevin Member

    mine is pete langevin
  20. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    was going to do this way back when, maybe I didn't because it was so difficult for me to remember. I've been me for a long time so it won't hurt to remain me. Bob Jones Thanks Chris, I had forgotten this was even here. Will you PM me how to reach you next week? I have some questions and would lilke to talk on the Phone if possible, not a big rush. thanks again.