WFF Put Your Name Where Your Mouth Is

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Jim Riggins Member

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    Battle Ground, Wa.
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    My login name is fishonrig when I'm not hiding behind that I go by Jim Riggins from Battle Ground. I work at Clark County Juvenile Detention where I run a fishing group for at risk kids. Hi!
  2. amalott New Member

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    kent, wa
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    you can change mine. currently amalott, my name is andy malott
  3. Trapper Hogberg New Member

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    Spokane, Wa
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    Since we're comin all out with it... I am "montana bonefish" real name Trapper Hogberg... Just moved to Spokane from MT. Another confession.... I once used a san juan worm and I fly I didn't tie myself... blasphemous for me, but I was young and experimenting...
  4. Steve Birrer Member

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    Idaho Falls, ID
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    Ok you can change me up from IFSteve to Steve Birrer.
  5. Tyler Watters Stickin' pigs.

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    Gig Harbor, Washington
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    Old Name: Texanflyfisher.

    New Name: Tyler Watters
  6. Gray Struznik New Member

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    Forks WA
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    Gray Struznik from olypen... nice work
  7. Dan Schalow New Member

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    Yakima wa
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    Been down with a fiew operations on my knee but back now real name Dan Schalow aka fishonDan trying to do some tying but still a bit shakey. dont spell very good or puntioation sorry.
  8. Ryan Singh-Cundy Member

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    RSC is my screen name Ryan Singh-Cundy is my real name
  9. Jim Riggins Member

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    Battle Ground, Wa.
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    Chris, my name is Jim Riggins my ID is fishonrig, you can change it also, thanks
  10. Chris Banta Member

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    chris, i would like to change mine.
    my name is chris banta
  11. Tom Martin Member

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    Olympia, WA
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    Sure enough

    Arasgrandpa = Tom Martin
  12. Chris,
    ID is Tonytoodogs = Please change to Tony Silva
  13. Jason Chadick A Fish, A Fish, A Fishy, Oh...

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    Naches, WA
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    Hi Chris,

    I would like my screen name to be changed as well. My name is Jason Chadick. My current screen name is Dr. Bronson.
  14. Bob Neal Member

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    Maple Valley, WA
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    Hi Chris,

    Please change me from maplevalleybob to Bob Neal
  15. Matthew LeBret Active Member

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    clarkston, wa
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    kdmmil = Matthew LeBret
  16. Gary Swearingen New Member

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    Bellevue WA
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    Please change kodacachers to Gary Swearingen. Thanks.
  17. Travis Bille Active Member

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    McKinleyville, CA
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    Change Rockabille to Travis Bille por favor
  18. Jim Byler Pram Guy

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    Dalton Gardens, ID
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    Change mine too. My name is Jim Byler.
  19. Pete Crystal New Member

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    Hood River, OR
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    My name is Pete Crystal - current ID is pcrystal
  20. Ben Guss Member

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    Olympia, WA
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    Guess i'll have to jump on the sunami of name swaps- thanks and sorry for the work Chris...
    photosenior to Ben Guss