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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. My login name is fishonrig when I'm not hiding behind that I go by Jim Riggins from Battle Ground. I work at Clark County Juvenile Detention where I run a fishing group for at risk kids. Hi!
  2. you can change mine. currently amalott, my name is andy malott
  3. Since we're comin all out with it... I am "montana bonefish" real name Trapper Hogberg... Just moved to Spokane from MT. Another confession.... I once used a san juan worm and I fly I didn't tie myself... blasphemous for me, but I was young and experimenting...
  4. Ok you can change me up from IFSteve to Steve Birrer.
  5. Old Name: Texanflyfisher.

    New Name: Tyler Watters
  6. Gray Struznik from olypen... nice work
  7. Been down with a fiew operations on my knee but back now real name Dan Schalow aka fishonDan trying to do some tying but still a bit shakey. dont spell very good or puntioation sorry.
  8. RSC is my screen name Ryan Singh-Cundy is my real name
  9. Chris, my name is Jim Riggins my ID is fishonrig, you can change it also, thanks
  10. chris, i would like to change mine.
    my name is chris banta
  11. Sure enough

    Arasgrandpa = Tom Martin
  12. Chris,
    ID is Tonytoodogs = Please change to Tony Silva
  13. Hi Chris,

    I would like my screen name to be changed as well. My name is Jason Chadick. My current screen name is Dr. Bronson.
  14. Hi Chris,

    Please change me from maplevalleybob to Bob Neal
  15. kdmmil = Matthew LeBret
  16. Please change kodacachers to Gary Swearingen. Thanks.
  17. Change Rockabille to Travis Bille por favor
  18. Change mine too. My name is Jim Byler.
  19. My name is Pete Crystal - current ID is pcrystal
  20. Guess i'll have to jump on the sunami of name swaps- thanks and sorry for the work Chris...
    photosenior to Ben Guss

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