WFF Put Your Name Where Your Mouth Is

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Heck why not. t0adman = Todd Laughery. That's my name...don't wear it out! :)
  2. Sure, Dave Evans
  3. TJBug - Tony James
  4. fatboy8 - Matthew Kaphan
  5. Skwalla = Thom can see why I chose a handle. Let the drinking jokes commence, prob heard them all before but maybe someone will suprise me with a new one.
  6. gmac209= Geoff MacGregor Thanks good idea
  7. Could you change mine from silverbullet32 to Loren Jensen?
  8. dryfly1834 = Christopher Scott
  9. Since everyone else came out of the closet so will I

    206flyfisher = Nate Buchanan
  10. SearunSimpson = Jordan Simpson
  11. TankAviator = Mike Meade
  12. I'd like to change mine. Jeff Sawyer
  13. Chris, I did a search to find out how to do this a while ago, but came up blank.

    Please change me from Steve O2 to Steve Call.

  14. mumser12

    erin john roach
  15. All right, count me in. No one really believed I was old and wise anyway....

    yoda is actually Greg Holt
  16. I'm in.... Saltycutt = Steve Knapp
  17. Bugeater 1

    Chris Lum
  18. Chris go ahead and change mine to Ralph Walker, Great site.
  19. DonChilds= Don Childs
    Thanks Chris for all you work on a super site.
  20. Chris,

    FlyFshBum to Mike Berube.


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