WFF Put Your Name Where Your Mouth Is

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. teamenzo, Mark Juranek
  2. Flyfishdude=Craig Pablo
  3. JPSCOTT= Patrick Scott

    I am the new guy but prefer a first name basis although most forums frown upon it.
  4. flyfisher121 Kelly Michelsen

    I used fishcentral on a different site so get rid of it for me - thanks !
  6. Tried to do this myself awhile back as well but too technologically inept to figure it out.

    MysteriousWater= James Harrington
  7. Sounds good mrcoachman to Mark Horwath thanks Chris
  8. chris,

    Please change mine: boyermtn= Marc Stelting
  9. Please change my name from Fortiter to Bill McAllister
  10. Spencer Woods

    User is Spencerw

  11. Sure do like to see guys switching to their names. Lots easier to remember one name then two and I have noticed guys who aren't hiding behind a nickname tend to be a lot more civil toward each other.
  12. Ed Call
  13. Chris,

    gldr1 =Gary Thayer
  14. username: sroberts
    My name is Scott Roberts
    Happy to have found this site!! Great way to start the new year
  15. Updated


    Annnd updated.
  16. RIP mumbles
  17. Hey Chris ~

    New to fly fishing in the PNW. Think I've found a new love in my life besides the misses. Please change my name from Coolie llama to Brennen Busse. Look forward to learning from everyone's experience on this site.


    Brennen Busse (aka Coolie llama)
  18. Ok I'm on board.
    You can change mine from Double-D = Dale Dennis
  19. Thanks Chris-

    I was hoping you would offer to do this. Change from 50flyfish to Bob Carroll.
  20. I'm in. "Greggor" to Gregg Lundgren.

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