Article Pyramid Lake Lahontan cutthroat making a comeback

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Baerwalde, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. No doubt. In a few years those Lahontan cutts will be the size of great whites and make swimming in the lake perilous.
  2. Don't fall off the ladder, Freestone! Did you notice the guys fishing off ladders?
  3. Pretty cool that the fish is making a comeback. The ladder scene is pretty hilarious. Does it occur anywhere else?
  4. Yes, Omak Lake and Rocky Ford.

  5. Don't think I haven't thought about using a ladder on Puget Sound...

    I miss Pyramid, and would always think about what the Truckee river would've looked like before Derby Dam was built.

    Take a guess where why avatar pic was taken...
  6. I'm waiting for the Puget Sound guys to start pulling out ladders on the beach.... Please no. Gees.
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  7. To cool thing about that article is that the genetics of the fish can make such a difference. The fish
    planted from the surrounding lakes just don't cut it compared to the lakes original fish. Has a lot
    of baring on salmon and steelhead how small differences between waters can have such profound differences.
  8. Oh Larry, the possibilities are endless....You'll see people out there casting farther and out fishing you on their ladders:p and it will start driving you nuts!
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  9. I've already seen guys with those heavy duty plastic crates to stand on. They carry a small rope hooked to their waist to pick it up out of the deep water. They usually use them on these sand flat type beaches. My memory is getting bad, but I think about 5 year ago, I did see a guy with a ladder. Someone is bound to come up with a "stainless steel" Deluxe version for about $450 don't you think?!!!
  10. I thought I heard that Abel will soon announce its latest 10' aluminum, with stainless and carbide traction base, step ladder for beach fishing for $1,299.
  11. I understand it is milled from solid, aircraft grade, aluminum barstock, rather than being stamped, like similar ladders at a lower price point. Also, it is made in the USA, and not imported from Asia.
  12. Rumor has it that for an additional $699, you can get your ladder custom-imprinted with graphics representing a brown trout, brook trout, Lahontan cutthroat or a Mt. Whitney rainbow.

  13. But Kent, will it come with burl steps? And in four pieces? Will TSAS allow it in an overhead bin?

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  14. Yes, yes and yes!

    Ours is such a wonderful sport.

  15. Saw this one yesterday at Pyramid. It was custom made.

    View attachment 27338

    But if you want to buy a cool one, Crosby's Lodge sells one for only $275. You'll have to add your own Abel sticker however with the money you save, you could buy some spray paint and give it trout colors and spots, lol.

    View attachment 27339
  16. Freestone. I assume you are in Reno or near there. I truly hope you are fishing the Truckee river out east. If you take the mustang exit ant hang a right on the offramp you will immediately see a small parking lot. Walk down stream until you get to the rapids. Monsters lurk in there! Especial in the calm water in the side channel. Huge fish are on the hunt right now with browns and bows pushing 8lbs possible!

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  17. Thomas, thanks for the tip! I wish I were still there but I left last night. I'll save your tip for next time though.

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