Quail Creek Reservoir, UT

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  1. So next week the wife and I are flying down to visit my sister and bro-in-law. They just moved down to the area last fall.

    They live in a rather obscure corner of northeast Nevada/Arizona. Their mailing address is Mesquite, NV but sis says they actually live in Scenic, AZ and some records say they're in Littlefield, AZ.


    So my BIL is an avid gear fisherman and has a new 21 foot boat and wants to take me into Utah to fish Quail Creek Reservoir.

    I guess it's not far from their home but outside of seeing an Outdoor Channel vid of fishing Sand Hollow Reservoir in the same area just outside of St. George I really don't know about the fishing.

    Anyone have any intel on fishing in these reservoirs? I see there's largemouth, bluegill, crappie and even rainbows at times. Should I take a fly rod or just borrow a gear rod from my BIL? If tossing bugs, what?

  2. Both reservoirs have good fishing for largemouth. The Utah DWR stocks rainbows in Quail every winter but it quickly gets too warm to sustain them around this time of year. I wouldn't count on them or waste any time targeting them. Bass fishing at both usually gets good once the water temps get into the low 60's. It's about 55 now but supposed to be warm for the next week so you might hit it just right. Bass on a fly rod can be fun. Big streamers/minnows usually work for me when the spring prespawn gets started. Gear will probably be more effective though. The guys in the Sportsmans Warehouse in St George fish there a bunch and will point you in the right direction if you stop in. Good luck. I like Sand Hollow a little better than Quail but both have good bass.

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  3. Oh, and next week is spring break for much of Utah and St George is a popular vacation spot so it will probably be a zoo in town. The lakes will probably be a little crowded but it is still a little early so the wakeboard crowd shouldn't be out yet meaning it will hopefully still be quiet enough to catch some fish.

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  4. Dipnet, non fishing related...but since you are there...go and visit the Kolob Canyons district of Zion National Park, its just north on I-15 about exit 42. I worked there as a ranger in the 80's...absolutely stunning place! Quiet, less visitation and scenery are amazing! Some great day hikes as well. PM me if you want any more info.
    Cheers and have fun! I am envious!

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