Question for the guys who also 'pin

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Thomas Mitchell, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. it's official..
    I'm done with this site..

    Fuckers can't fish a fly and hump gear like a puppy on your leg...

    adios hatchery bitches!!!
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  2. Don't let the door hit your ass
  3. Damn.... and here I thought I might get some sleep tonight.

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  4. I actually think I might get a centerpin setup in the future. It seems like it would be a way to toss gear and still get the 1:1 fight like on a fly rod. I personally don't like to fish gear anymore, mainly because bait caster and spinning reels take the feel out of the fight. Kinda like driving an automatic as opposed to a manual.
    From what I understand centerpins have their place in puget sound salmon fishing. Sounds a lot more fun than pulling plugs all day.
  5. And, people call me uptight....?
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  6. I like these threads because it gives me insight into people's attitudes about fishing. I also find out who fishes steelhead well and who doesn't.

    The best swingers I've known have been gear anglers at some point also. If you're good with gear you learn where steelhead tend to be because you typically catch more fish. That knowledge helps you transition to swinging because you have a better idea where the fish are and can then go about the trick of getting it down, keeping it down, and bringing at across nice and slow. Anyone can work their way down a traditional fly bar and stumble on a steelhead from time to time. That doesn't make you a good flyfisherman. Adapting your swing to fish the non traditional water will put you on fish, consistently. I'd rather swing 12-15 little buckets in a day than swing 3 or 4 traditional fly bars.
  7. I hope I can make PT's list of good steelhead fisherman.
  8. Doubt it. Maybe I can't figure out who's a good fisherman or not. But, I can figure out who has on open mind and who doesn't.

  9. Please enlighten me and release my mind of such restraints.

    <--- I'm open minded just read my custom title.
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  10. I'll pass. Just made some observations. Apparently you'd like to quibble about some of that?
  11. No thanks, but please let me know the next time I make a closed minded forum comment.
  12. CLO, I was making some general observations. Sorry if you read too much into it.
  13. What just happened?

  14. PT was making general observations and is sorry that I read into that too much.
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  15. Today
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  16. is
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  17. up
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  18. my
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  19. post
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