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  1. I've heard different things on what the salmon limits mean and am wondering if anyone can clarify. Does 2 salmon combined plus 2 additional pinks mean that you can only keep 2 pinks or that can keep 4 pinks?
  2. Retaining any two salmon as allowed by regulation, then keeping 2 additional pinks... that would allow you to keep 4 pinks.
  3. That is correct.
  4. Thanks, that is what I thought it was.
  5. Keep in mind that some areas only low for one king. So you could have a potentially mixed bag with one king, one coho and two pinks.
  6. I had a chat with a WFDF Officer a couple of years ago after he busted some guy for too many undersized crabs, no license, too many fish, etc. I inquired about it and he was very blunt. "The regulations are very clear. Read them." I was taken aback for a minute and then I figured out that he was really pissed at the Asian fellow whom he had just written a big fat ticket to and confiscated all of the dead animals. The regs say "Daily limit 2 (combined) plus 2 additional Pink." That means any two legally caught salmon and two more pinks. You can very easily have a mixed bag if it is legal to retain the first two. That is a retention limit for a day.
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  7. someone told me you can have 6 pinks in Tacoma area, is that true?
    got to read the rules on this, I am confused .

  8. Not true
  9. Some of the rivers have a 6 salmon limit.
  10. No 6 fish limit in the salt. Keeping 6 slime rocket out of the rivers would be like signing your own death certificate.
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  11. yep, read the rules. 4 pinks or 2 combo and 2 pinks. hope the dude takes 6 pinks and gets his butt whipped. lol
  12. As a retired teacher, my response is, "Do the math. 2+2=4....":)
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  13. Steve;

    Simple = I like that.
  14. yeah I know it's 4 but when I heard what I heard I didn't see it any where so just to be sure I posted here to see If I was missing something. my badd
  15. yeah, this coming from a guy who just gave a newbie some shit for asking questions on another feed. cracks me up.
  16. settle, no question is a dumb question...who said that?
  17. I have always said to people i was training "The only dumb question is the one that wasn't asked"
  18. there is a six pink limit on the duwamish river
  19. There is a 6 salmon limit on many rivers. I've always thought this reg. to be odd...

    "Daily limit 6. Up to 2 adults may be retained plus 2
    additional PINK."

    Does that mean the other 2 must be jacks?

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