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  1. I found myself in BC on business and had half a day to "kill". I have always wanted to run my pontoon boat up the Harrison River so made plans to do that for a few hours. I used 8 and 9 weight rods with Rio Versatip lines. The clear intermediate tip was a little too slow, even in the relatively slack water though I did catch a few fish casting and stripping. Once I went a little deeper with the next heavier tip, my hookups increased a little. Did I say it was a lot of casting and stripping? From there, I moved up river a little further and actually found some good swinging water. I moved out of the backwater and up into the river proper. Flies didn't seem to matter much. I think all my fish came on tube flies in darker colors.

    In all, I saw all five Pacific salmon, either live or dead. Chums were jumping every where and carcasses literally littered the bank. You could not pull your boat on shore without running up on carcasses. I saw some big pinnipeds not sure what they were but likely harbor seals. At one point, I counted 36 bald eagles in flight, at the same time.

    It was a fun day, doing something totally different. It was quite difficult taking pictures by myself and only took the camera out of the dry bag once because of the dark clouds and occasional rain spurts but managed a couple on what was likely the first chum I ever caught that sported sea lice. The regulations allow for 2 chum per day. I contemplated keeping one to see how it would "cut" since I have never caught one this bright. However, after taking the picture, it spit the hook and took off, leaving a trail of water running down my face. Probably just as well, I would not have wanted to stop and declare a single chum at the border crossing.

    As I was loading my boat and other gear, a big storm started coming in from downriver. Between the dark clouds, rain, and sun going down at like 4:30 in the afternoon, it got real dark real quick and I'm glad I didn't stretch the day out another half hour because I would have been running down river in the dark and pouring rain. I imagine it was a typical day in the Pacific Northwest in the middle of November.

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  2. I've only done the Harrison in a sled. How did you run a shuttle? I didn't think there was any road access along the river at all.
  3. I paid $5 to launch at a private place conveniently located and ran up river with my trolling motor. Money well spent as it was pretty secluded and very close by...close enough to run up river and back and only use half my battery life. If it were not for the slack water, I don't think you'd ever be able to do it in a pontoon, which is why I had wanted to see if it would work...it did.
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