Quick Pass Lake Report: Sunday, 6/30

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. I got on the water at 4:45 am, maybe it was closer to 5. With the heat in the forecast figured it was important to get on before the sun was on the water. Yep.

    Between 5 and 10 am landed 10 fat rainbows. Couldn't entice the big browns that were busting bait by the launch to take my olive over white streamer, oh well. Rainbows were averaging 16 inches, a couple were 18, a couple at 17, but the strongest fighters by far were the 15-inchers that were little footballs - those smaller guys were making repeated strong runs ripping drag.

    All fish were taken on a #8 olive hale-bopp leech, type-3 sink. Between about 5 and 7 a.m. the strikes were coming from a deep and slow presentation with back and forth rod tip movement to swim the leech, give it a little life. As it warmed up, between 7 and 9, strikes on the low-slow presentation were still happening but the fish had come up in the column and were hitting a lot on a casual strip retrieve with occasional pauses. This early to mid morning shift in the water column and strike behavior was exactly as I'd experienced it two weekends ago, while it was also bright, clear and warm on Pass Lake - but the move up in the water column occurred earlier in the morning yesterday, likely due to the warmer weather.

    There were so many midges on the water that from a distance it looked like there was tons of pollen on the water. They were tiny, #24-26, so I didn't bother throwing midges on a floater to rising fish. Stayed on the dark side and kicked their ass pretty good yesterday morning.

    Bite pretty well died by 10 a.m. - got one fish on my way back to the launch around 10. I was off the water by 11 a.m. and called it good.
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  2. Nice report, Jim. Do you happen to know surface temp changes between six and ten a.m.? ON THE WATER AT 4:45 A.M.---HOLY MOLEY, I don't think I can get my 75 year old bones up and moving at that hour.
  3. Sorry. Thermometer was left in a container on my 12' boat. No temp readings this time. :-/
  4. Good report, Pass lake has been my favorite lake that i have fished this year. i did not land as many as you but it was fun. and i dont think i could get on the water at 4:45 even at 22.
  5. Lol. I'm almost twice your age. What??? You're Ft Lewis military, right? C'mon man, you could be on the water before me...
  6. I am military and not on pass lake i would have to be on the road by 2:30 to get on that lake in time. But i was on the lake at around 5 last time i went up there. it was cold and about 40 in the morning and when the wind came through it was even worse lol.
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  7. Btw, thanks for serving for us. All the respect in the world.
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  8. Thank you for the support. And i am glad that i have the opportunity to do what i can.
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