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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Mingo, Jun 3, 2013.

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    Here’s a quick nigiri maguro report for my fellow sushi lovers.…my latest sojourn to Kona started out rough. Flying with a sinus infection resulted in incredible stabbing ear pain (like being jabbed for 20 minutes in both ears with knitting needles) during our descent that left me with a lovely burst eardrum …clogged Eustachian tubes do not make for a happy landing! Despite being nearly deaf (and dealing with super strong antibiotics, which do nasty things to the digestive system) during most of the trip, we still managed to have some fun and see lots of friends and favorite haunts.

    I dragged my Miracle-ear-needing self to the reef long enough to land some Disney critters before playing out on the big blue one day chasing tuna. I’ll let the shots tell the story……here are just a couple randoms of the multiple species I hooked.



    A huge escort of spinner dolphins hung with the boat as we headed south toward Miloli’I with some great friends one day…………..my wife got plenty of shots to tease her girlfriends who were suffering through awful weather back here (Seattle weather was NOT good while we were there)…



    I had a 12 wt and 10 wt with me in case we found some floating debris or a pod of schoolies on the surface, but no "fly love" that day so we turned to deep-trolling live opelu. The elation of hooking up with a yellowfin changes to grim determination once the battle drags into the hour+ category…but it is an awesome experience and I can’t get enough of it! Everybody needs to wrestle a big fat tuna at least once in their lives.







    It was 150+ and gave me all the fight I could handle that day. Good times. Aloha.
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    It's bigger than me!

  3. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

    Nice tuna!!!! Very cool.
  4. David Dalan

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    Shittin your pants and still taking names. Badass fish man.
  5. Jay C

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    Beautiful fish! Last time I was in Cabo I caught two striped Marlin out of a panga. After one hour on the second one, it was more work than fun. Maybe the tequila the night before had something to do with it.:) I want to go back.
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    Mingo for president.
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    Awesome pics and a beautiful tuna!
  8. Dave Boyle

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    Great pics and report Mingo,

    I always really enjoy your reports and probably like most, I'm a wee bit envious. A beast of a tuna, quality.

  9. Bagman

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    Wow that baby would make one big bowl of Poki. Nice fish
  10. hawaiianflyfisher

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    Just a small correction...........its "Poke"......Hawaiian for chop the style of presentation.
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    Amazing! Looks like a great trip despite the medical issues!
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    Way to tough it out Mingo and it paid off. Great photos!
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    Everything is bigger than you, Leland!!! :D