Quick Yakima report 7-17-13

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Luke77, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

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    Fished last night from about 5:30 pm to close to 9 pm, Red's to Slab. I fished a stimi with a caddis dry dropper and even tried a hopper, although it proved to be a bit too early for them yet. Lots of little fish pecking the caddis and every once in a while would pick up a decent fish. By far the best fish though slowly sipped the stimi on a cut bank while I was engaged in PBR and discussion. Ran under the boat and required an extra set of hands to net him. Pushed close to 20". One odd thing about him though was the gill plate appearing to be cut. I've seen mention of it here before...I believe it's a genetic thing. First I've seen it. The fish put up a good fight and took a bit longer to recuperate from the fight and warmer water temps. Just a reminder, fight the fish fast and cut em loose. Ended up getting off the water before dark due to the winds and flows, but still managed to get into the evening caddis hatch which allowed us to net a few more fish. For those looking for big fish on a little flies, now's the time! Before too long they will only be looking for hoppers..........AND I CAN'T FRIGGIN WAIT! :D
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    Thanks for the report.

    Do fish eat grasshoppers? Huh.
  3. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Only if they are green in color and are hungry.
  4. Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

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    Or brown, or pink, or yellow, and it's the month of Aug.
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  5. Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

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    Luke if you want to get bigger fish on the yak tie CDC caddis in grey and about a 16. We fish them as a trailer behind a hopper or big dry. The caddis hatch has been going on for a while now so the fish are getting more selective and can easily spot caddis that aren't very close representations. My buddy Todd showed me the way last weekend and we knocked it outta the park. Just a thought. I pulled a few Bows at 18"-20" and a real nice Westlope pushing .18"
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    In Aug and early Sept hoppers are a blast to throw at big fish. I dont lay them down softly, i smack the water, and the fish hit them hard.
  7. Rod Wittner Active Member

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    Snap it! Snap it hard!
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    This is probably a dumb question, but is any part of the Yak that's wadable? My understanding is that the upper part is sometimes...sort of. I'm debating on taking a trip, but since I won't have a boat I'm wondering if my time would be much better spent exploring its creeks?
  10. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I've often waded the river up around the Easton Ponds. Lots of access behind them.