Quickline 6wt. switch

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  1. Built this rod for a customer who moved to northern Idaho a few years back having been raised in Alaska neer Ft. Greely where his Dad worked on base as a civilian. The Blank is a PacBay 11' Quickline 6wt switch,handle is a Bubinga/cf/burl cork combo with a Alps triangular reelseat,blue al dimpled winding check and one of the new Kigan XLA hookeepers. Guides are pacbay minima's with matching ring 7 tip. The butt cap was the insignia for Fort Greeley. Wraps are colors of the Alaska flag.
    And lastly my wife has started doing metal stamp jewelry which has added a nice touch to our rod socks
  2. Nice. Have you cast this rod? What did you think? I have seen the blanks but not heard much about them.
  3. I have built several rods for customers on the Quickline blanks but this is the first switch rod. I think that they right now are one of the best values on the market. The CCS numbers for these blanks are very comparable to a z-axis and come in only marginally heavier in blank weight. That for a blank that is 2/3 the price of the sage when offered. I have not cast this rod as the customer picked it up as soon as it was finished. I barely had time to snap some quick pictures. He was going to go use the rod soon and was going to report back when he did, so I will let people know what his impressions are. I have cast the other rods and found them quite nice.
  4. Nice looking switch Mr Ross and I also have been wanting to give the Quickline a shot.
  5. Very nice build! I'm digging that rod sock, too.
  6. Customer got back to me today about the rod. He put on a 8wt salt line(which would be right 6 wt switch/spey + 2=8 wt)and once he figured out the sweet spot said it cast like a dream.
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  7. I've built Quickline 8wt and I use Vision Switch line. Casting is smooth and easy. I like it alot!

    But what comes to nirodneck's rod.. Maybe too much everyhing. Detail here and detail there, carbon grips. Is it somekinda trend there? Looks smooth, but still, I wouldnt put that on rod. Cold water and wet grip.. Would be a little bit chilly, wouldn't it. Those real wood parts looks good though!!!! Love 'em!
  8. Actually the carbon fiber grips are stickier than cork and even with the wood ends are lighter than Batson's switch grips by several grams. A rigid grip will give you more sensitivity and less hand fatigue. That is why cork is superior to EVA or other types of foam grips.I have built quite a few of these types of grips (straight carbon fiber) for surf rods and two handers for people on the east coast fishing for blues and stripers and great lakes steelheaders with no complaints and several repeat customers. I think it gets cold there also. As far as detail here detail there and you would not want it that is fine. Everybody has different tastes. Fortunately for me this customer loved the rod and will be having me build a 8wt Beulah spey in the near future.

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