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  1. Wore my arm out on silvers on the Quilcene today. If you don't mind putting up with crowds and are looking to hook some nice, bright silvers, head to the Quilcene as soon as you can.

    I mainly used pink, purple and black marabou leeches. Dead drifted them with one split shot about 12 inches up from the fly. Then at the end of the drift, strip them in and hold on...

    Other fly guys were getting them on other standard coho and egg patterns...

  2. were you fishing in brinnon, how do you get there is it easy to find, any info would help thanks
  3. I got there from Bainbridge Island. Head across the Hood Canal bridge and look for a sign to the town of Quilcene. Head south on that until you hit Quilcene. Continue through town on 101 going south and about a mile outside of town you'll see a hatchery on the right. Park there and walk down the river a good 20 mintues until the crowds disappear.

    Purple bunny leeches and purple egg sucking leeches were working well today.
  4. "until the crowds disappear" might be a loooong walk, definitely combat conditions, but if you can stake out some turf there are plenty of fish to be had. I fished it Saturday and it was nuts. Had good luck with sparsely tied green/white clouser, olive teeny nymph, pinks, purples, and white buggers/leeches. The key I found was a short heavy leader, getting the fly down fast, and short strips on the swing. You really can't avoid snagging some fish by mistake, but if they like the fly they will eat it. You get a feel for the difference in the take after a while. There were also some good sized chums mixed in with the silvers, and they came after the fly pretty aggressively. I haven't seen fish this thick outside of Alaska.
  5. If you follow 101 from hoodsport will you cross the quilcene
    and were to park is the hatchery the only place.what
    pound test for leader and how many people early in the morning during the week.Is an eight weight big enough to hold the silvers and does the river wade well and should you use a sink tip.any info would be apreciated THANKS.
  6. If you follow the 101 you will cross the Quilcene River right before entering the town of Quilcene. Right after crossing the bridge you can pull off and park at the hatchery. There are other access points, but I don't know where they are.

    An 8 wt is perfect, and some will even use a lighter rod. I prefer the larger 8 wt in case you hook one of the chums in there.

    The river is very easy to wade. If it's sunny, I'd even wet wade as there's no water you have to cross deeper than your knees.

    You don't need a sinktip, although you could use a very light one. I just used a single split shot about 12 inches above the fly. Dead drift it through the holding areas and then erratic, short strips back after that. Leader should be 10lbs or so.
  7. Hi...I'm kinda a newbee so forgive a stupid question, but what size fly are you using?

    thank you!
  8. thanks for the info, went there sunday never seen so many snaggers in my life, walkin all proud with there fish. water was real clear add 500 snagers and pretty lousy. oh well went to point no point and foulweather bluff and got 1.

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