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  1. Reply with quote feature no longer works for me
  2. Working here. Is the problem persisting? Not something I can address, I think Ibn or Chris would have to troubleshoot. Any recent changes to your browser? Have you tried it from other devices?
  3. I think it has to do with my security settings on my system at home. Doesn't happen at work.
  4. At work you probably have JS disabled at some level.
  5. Chris, can you provide any other hints for getting the reply turned back on? (I am using IE v.11) I'm pretty computer illiterate and while I have trying playing with some settings, I can't figure out what to turn on or off to get it working again. Thanks!
  6. Use Safari! Sorry, but that just works.
  7. My Reply with Quote isn't working either.
    Used to work and I'm not computer smart enough to change any settings unless I did something accidently.
    It's made some of my replies look rather bizarre, like where did that come from.
    Any help or suggestions appreciated.
  8. I end up just using Tapatalk on my phone when I really want to quote somebody. But, when I am on the computer, it is sorta weird to pick up a phone to do what I can't get my computer to do.
  9. It doesn't work in new versions of Internet Exploder. Firefox works juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust fine.
  10. Thanks Evan,
    I am using Internet Explorer so likely my problem.
  11. Evan,
    You nailed it. Opened this time with Google Chrome and have the quote function.
    I'm running a mix of IE and Google and pretty sure they have their own little private war going.
    Thanks much for your help.
  12. I liked chrome when it first came out. I'm back to being a Firefox/waterfox fanboy.

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