Raft or Drift Boat in Alaska

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  1. I am in Alaska and was thinking of getting either a raft or a drift boat for some of the rivers up here. It seems like there are a ton of drift boats on the Kenai, but more rafts in other places up here. I was wondering which you would prefer if you were up here, what you have if you live in Alaska, and why. I am leaning towards a raft with a frame at the moment, but was looking for other opinions.
  2. You can fly rafts in. Drift boats, not so much.
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  3. I'd say that just about answers that.
  4. That is a great point, one that I hadn't even thought of yet.
  5. If you are looking to mostly float the Kenai I would choose a drift boat. I guess if you have the dough to take fly out trips, a raft may be a better option - I didnt. I would much rather float the Kenai or Kasilof in a larger drifter, just my opinion. Get an extra one man pontoon for the Parks streams and you will be set.
  6. I wouldn't say I have the dough, but the idea of being able to fly somewhere with the raft is quite appealing. I was looking at 18' drift boats, but have not looked to see what the size of most of the rafts are. I would be down on the Kenai some, and on the Kasilof as we have land down on that river.
  7. I would personally go with the 18' drift boat. That would be perfect for both of those rivers.
  8. Ya, I think 18' is about as big as I would want to go. Eventually My wife and I will be heading back down to the Hood River area and I would not want anything bigger then that for local rivers in Oregon and Washington.
  9. Drift boat with motor! single Pontoon for all other use.

    Drift boat with motor = Bay crabbing and fishing, tide water fishing, running bigger rivers with motor, rowing floats higher up for huge rainbows. Doesn't matter if your in Alaska or Oregon, a drifter and motor just plain works!

    Hood river area = mouth of the Deschutes, Drano lake, mouth of wind river, lower John day, mouth of Klick, central Oregon lakes, East, Crane, Wickiup, the list goes on for motor use.

    Rowing = klick, Deschutes, sandy, Washougal, eastfork, northfork the list goes on and on.
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