Rainbows in the P.I.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jeff Wood, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. There was a (I thought) an informative article in today's Seattle P.I. concerning Eastern Washington lakes. I am planning to go over there on Tuesday for the first time so the timing couldn't have been better.

    Thanks to whoever placed the address for the web page that shows wind speed around the state. Having grown up over there I know how it can blow.

    That might be a good link to have on the homepage.

    By the way, a super job on the upgrades to site.

  2. Its funny the artical came out. I had been wondering just where these places many of you have been talking about were. I was going to try to find on a map one of these days and make a road trip to check them out for myself. Now here is a large artical in the paper on them, I guess it will make it easier then what I was going to do. It sounds to me though that these places get pretty crowded so I will continue to fish other places most of the time. One thing I did like in the artical was the planting of the idea for more lakes to be set up like them. Catch and release or one trout limits only. If this could happen and spread them more accross the state, it would improve the fishing in this state for more of the fishing I enjoy. It would indead be nice for most of us to have 30 or more lakes set up across the state with large trout that are not caught just once but by many, so that each trout gives many fishers enjoyment. To many lakes here in King county are set up for people to keep 5 trout. With the state only planting a couple thousand each year and few fish as hold overs, the fishing is poor most of the year on the few year round lakes we have. :BIGSMILE Catch & release the fish are too great a life form to be thrown into a freezer for a while then thrown out.

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