Raised oarlocks? Oarlock risers/extensions?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Rob Hardman, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Hey all,
    I'm struggling with my Outcast PAC800. Need to raise the oarlocks to keep from banging my knees. The seat is already adjusted all the way back. I noticed when I borrowed my dad's Buck's Southfork, it wasn't an issue at all as the oarlocks were mounted much higher.
    I found these: http://www.duck-trap.com/stghorn2.jpg but at $165/pr (GASP), they're just too expensive and I fear that they'd actually be too tall. I just need a couple extra inches (yeah, yeah, yeah).
    Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. You can cut off the existing towers and have them re-fitted and welded. A cheaper option is putting a spacer on the oar lock to raise it up that way. Once you figure out the spacer height you want, those long oar locks could be cut down to your specified height preference.
  3. Was hoping for a solution that didn't involve cutting and welding. The shanks on the existing oarlocks only have about a half inch of vertical play, so a spacer isn't gonna get me far. I'll look for some reasonably priced oarlocks with longer shanks that I can use spacers on.
  4. I had the same problem with a 10' jon boat. I found this solution on the internet. It is 3/4" EMT conduit bolted to the gunwale. Tom

  5. Would it work to shorten up the oars? Or, a delrin spacer could certainly give you an inch or two if you have to space on the current oarlocks. Hyde sells spacers, if you dig around on their website.

  6. The spacer idea would work great, but I've only got about a half inch of play to raise them. I suppose I could cut the oars down. I think they're 7' now. Is there a drawback to shorter oars on an 8' boat? Seems like there wouldn't be, but I'm often wrong. Thoughts?
  7. The way the boat's frame is set up, I've basically already got that. I'm not really capable of cutting that off and welding on a larger one. Here's a pic.

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  8. I think the long shank oarlocks from Regal are the way to go. http://www.regalsportingtechnologies.com/oar_locks.html
    I just called them to order and they're out of stock and won't be producing more for another month. Guess I'll have to wait.
    Anyone know of another source?
  9. Rob
    You might want to call Outdoor Emporium or Sportco to see what they have in stock as far as longer shaft oar locks.
    Not the greatest solution, but if you find longer shafts you could gain height by stacking multiple washers on the shaft.
    Lowes and Home Depot carry a bunch of stuff in the nuts and bolt dept that you might be able to be used as spacer on longer shafts. They also have plastic nylon sleeves. You could perhaps glue a couple of different diameters togther to create a nice clean spacer that doesn't have a lot of slop to it when you row.
    Good luck
  10. Another option to lengthen the shaft of the oar lock would be to drill and tap for a bronze or stainless steel bolt. With the proper derlin bushing you could effectly raise the elevation of the exisitng oar lock the length of the shaft.
  11. Rob that one in the photo is bolted on. Would you be able to do that on the top of the original one? You might be able to gain a couple on inches in heighth. Good luck. Tom
  12. I made these extensions w/ a foot of 3/4" brass tube and 1/2" brass round bar and 1/2 a dozen tension pins. The seat risers are 1x3 6061 aluminum tube.

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  13. Those are awesome. I'm having a buddy make some extensions similar to that in aluminum. Might pick them up tonight. Will post pics.
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