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  1. Well, the Arts and Literature Forum seemed like a good idea when I suggested it to the powers that be and for awhile, we had some great participation on this forum. Now... it appears to have died.

    A shame, really. Oh well, it was worth a shot.
  2. Hey, now, there there. We can still try to keep it alive! I just always forget about it because i get distracted by the boards closer to the top of the page. Also because my artistic skills are... tied sparsely... But I can post some stuff if it would give you more confidence in the viability of the Arts n Lit forum!
  3. Post away.
  4. Gene,

    Let me start by saying for the sake of just viewing art this forum is a good idea. Since it's art created by outdoorsmen makes it even better.

    I've always wanted to paint but thought my artistic points had been spent on music. A few weeks ago a friend of mine who is an amazing painter gave me a lesson. I learned it's not reserved for a microscopic segment of our species.

    When I got home that night I happened to scroll down the WFF Forum main page past the limits of what my browser displays and saw this forum. Spent 90 minutes or more looking through the posts. My mind raced with ideas and inspiration.

    This is a long winded (my typical M.O.) way of saying this forum is a great idea. Painting something I could one day post here has become a creative challange that will only serve me well.

    Keep the faith!

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  5. Also dont forget you started it in the winter when a lot of people are sitting home doing artsy stuff, now people are out actually fishing instead of painting pictures of fish :p
  6. I think it is great. I really enjoy seeing some of the talent on this forum. I agree with cahill, wait till summer fishing is over and I will bet there will be more activity.
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  7. I haven't forgotten about this forum. Just been busy tying flies and fishing. Have a number of carvings which are all "WIP" so it will be a while before I can post any.
    Here are some halibut hooks I am working on. DSC03721.JPG

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