Ray Bergman Trout Fin style flies

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. I'm still working on the Trout Fin flies attempting to perfect my tie. Tying flies for fishing sure is lots easier than tying flies for display.

    Along the way I've had issues with slipping mylar ribbing, tiny little gaps between the end of the floss/throat/winging, issues with the edges of the wing, placement of the wing, etc.

    It makes me appreciate the display quality flies I've seen the members post here.

    Oh yeah... one last issue - not touching the fly until the head cement has dried to keep finger print ridges off the shiny head.

    I just finished one that's so close to the ideal it isn't funny. Picture to follow when I take pics of the damselfly nymph swap flies.
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  2. Looking forward to seeing it Bill.
  3. Here's two pics of the flies I've been tying. One was taken with a flash and the other was under tying vise lighting. The first is on a 200R equivalent hook as i wanted to see what a longer bodied version looked like.


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  4. Bill, those are absolutely beautiful!
  5. Thanks bitterroot. In Don Bastain's instructional DVD he says tying these are easy. He makes it look easy also. I'm planning on mounting some of these once I get a little more variety of the married wing patterns.
  6. Very nice!
  7. I much prefer the shorter bodied example, but the fish may disagree.
  8. I'd move the throat forward to directly under the head and wing tie in point, that way you dont have the space between the wing and the throat under on the underside (visible as black)
  9. I didn't see that until after I posted the photo. I've got a ways to go but at least I like the look I'm getting. I did a bunch of bodies ahead of time while I was waiting for the winging material to arrive. It seems I did all the bodies too short. One thing I'm still working on is properly pinching the wings with my fingertips to bind them down.
  10. If you stop the body on 'hook eye width' behind the eye, you can tie the throat on the bottom of the hook, and the wing on the top of the hook. that will prevent you moving too far forward, as there is really nowhere else to go!!

    Generally i dont like to tie the hackle as a throat, just because i think the full collar hackle is much more 'fishy', giving more movement in the water.
    If you're doing collar, you can tie it in before the wing, wrap it and then tie the wing, or you can tie one the wing and wrap the collar over the tie in point - if you use the latter method, some head cement on the thread before wrapping the hackle will help to prevent it slipping forward. The other alternative is to use heavily waxed thread (Cobblers Wax).

    The Babcock i posted yesterday has a throat hackle, purely because i was out of black hackles and had to use schlappen fibers.
  11. Ahhhh... the Cobblers wax. I saw that in some Davy Wooten videos.

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