Recapture- a fly fishing film- indiegogo campaign

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  1. We released a teaser to this upcoming film a while back and here's the indiegogo campaign. We have some amazing perks for each donation level. Check it out and very dollar counts , big or small. We are filming all across North America . Fishing for some spectacular species with some amazing people . It will be a full length feature and we are shooting for it to be on one of the fly fishing film tours for 2015.

    Thanks in advance
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  2. Great footage and a great idea.

    An unsolicited word of advice though from somebody who used to be in the film and video business:

    Rent, buy, or steal high quality wireless lavalier mics. The biggest thing that separates top notch films from average and mediocre ones is the on location sound - unless you plan on looping the audio in a studio, get some really, really good mics.

  3. Thanks for the advice. We actually have some of the best equipment available. We are shooting on red cameras in 4k and black magic cameras in 2.5 k. We have a octocopter as well that has a black magic pocket camera on it . We also have amazing mics to go with everything ... It's def a production ! Help spread the word. Every donation helps!!
  4. Nice trailer but at about 1:00 shouldn't that read "what he and his father once did"? Sorry, I get a little anal about the proper use of language! ;)

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