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  1. This spring for me has been very different from years past, i usually start off with trout and fish for bass just a little but it has been a very very bassy spring for me and my friend sam.

    I was determined to learn some effective ways to catch bass subsurface on a fly rod as i have never been able to much,it has always been poppers and divers in the evenings for me,but i finally have started figuring it out.I haven't been skunked going for bass the past month and a half. I found the pattern does not matter as much as presentation,but sometimes can make a difference. i also caught alot of large fish during the spawn a while back,and a few accidental fish while bluegill fishing, even a 2lber on a size 12 elk hair caddis.

    My friend and i have recently found a new pond 4 times the size of the one near my house with alot of large m=bass,which we havent been able to fish more than an hour,so there will be more carnage this summer! i would have more pics from this week but my camera is broken..good thing i have a job now so i can replace it in a few weeks

    Here are some pics.





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  2. Those are some nice LMB. Glad to hear you are figuring things out. You have already had a banner start to the season. I can not wait to see how you make out when the water warms. Keep up the good work.

  3. pic #4 looks like a hawg!
  4. Gotta hold the fish so that it hides your hand...make it look bigger!!! :)

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