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  1. I have not posted anything in quite awhile, but due to recent back surgery, I find I have some time on my hands to do so. Here are some grips that went out to other builders or used on some of my own using carbon fiber or with cf hybrids and either wood or cork accents.
    Cf hybrid with burl cork ends..My grips ..Steve Kalb Shoo fly fishing Troy, Mt builder

    Carbon fiber ends with natural cork, birch bark and black trim


    Carbon fiber zebra wood ends


    not best pic but..1. straight Cf and burl ends 2. Brown cf hybid and burl ends 3 straight carbon fiber with natural cork(no finish). I get my cork from Matt best deal around


    New style. This uses cf with non dyed fiberglass hybrid sleeve. I can paint the core(in this case gold) and when the epoxy is applied that color shows through where the undyed fiberglass becomes clear. Opens up a lot of possibilities. The ends are rubberized cork.


    This shows the same cf and natural cork as before but with matching fighting butt and following pic of butt cap and end plug.



    Thanks for looking
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  2. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Does CF always need something else to tip the ends or is that your cosmetic preference?

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  3. Those look really nice, I haven't been a fan of most of the other CF grips I've seen, but these are exceptional. It looks like all of the grips have an epoxy/varnish coating, how is the feel after that? Do they still feel textured for a good, non slip grip?


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  4. When you see other carbon fiber grips they will most likely be straight cf and nothing else. No they do not need to have anything on the ends and 80% of the grips I make and either use on my builds for customers or sell to other builders are plain. As far as I know, I was the only doing this to carbon fiber grips till I wrote an article for RodMaker magazine.
    As far as the finish goes, I can finish the entire grip or just the cf portion but tend to finish the whole grip with either spray spar urethane or Permagloss. My grips are completely texture unless somebody requests it. When I started making these about 4/5 years ago, I did a few textured. I found them to be uncomfortable and did not let your hand change position easily. Many people think because of the smooth finish that they are slippery. They are not slippery, in fact I yet to have anybody complain to me about being slippery. If smooth equated to slippery,then a hickory hammer handle wood be also.
  5. His CF grips are not only well made, easy to work with, and sensitive, but I think they look great too. Although its hard to see, there is a matching fighting butt on there too.

    The feel is a bit different at first, but it's solid not slippery. Your brain says it should slip when wet, but it doesn't. Again the light-weight and sensitivity are something you have to feel to appreciate.

    After using his grips on my bass rod, a 10' 4wt has been pestering to be built...

    20130901_072546.jpg 20130901_082539.jpg
  6. Thanks Jersey for the nice words and glad you like the grips. Once most people use them, they want more. Cork now feels soft and mushy to me, like EVA or foam almost.
  7. where did you get the end cap for your handle in the picture. That is some really cool metal work
  8. 7/8" all metal coat button from JoAnn's.
  9. thank you that is a cool use of it for sure.
  10. Steve, those are nice. I like the the new style with the rubberized cork. instead of gold can ya do one in red? also how much? you can send me a e mail to thanks. also with a fighting end with that one cool button on it.
  11. I think I got lost somewhere after re-reading all this. what do you use for a base before apply the cf and looking closely does the cf go over the wood and or cork? it just looks so neat and clean.
    when I get ready to do my 3 wt you will be doing one for me, that's for sure.
    thanks, Outlaw
  12. outlaw, reaming the CF grip is heavenly compared to cork... enjoy the build

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