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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Loren Jensen, May 18, 2011.

  1. Loren Jensen

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    Hey Guys,

    I was checking out Red Truck, they have some killer deals on their rods every now and then. I just don't know too much about them, or have ever heard much about them. Seen their videos on YouTube, and they seem like a killer company. Any input on their spey and switch rods?
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  3. Jmills81

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    I demo'd the same rods that mike did. I found them great for the price point, slower than I am used to....but could bomb some casts with both the spey and the switch
  4. thewaker

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  5. Loren Jensen

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    Thanks guys, these rodzzz seem to perform well.
  6. LD

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    I have not cast one, so can not give specific info.. There are many good rods at a reasonable price, couple that with line technology and it is a great time to cast two handed rods. I would be hesitant to purchase any off brands such as LL Bean, Cabala's, Red Truck, etc. Echo, TFO, Redington, Gary Anderson explorer and others have been producing quality rods at reasonable prices for a long time. The main concern I have is what happens when you have a problem with that rod? Send it to any of the above mentioned and the rod will be repaired and returned promptly. But the off brands who knows, it may be replaced or repaired? If it is out of production then what happens. So for me I would stick with an established brand, maybe look used.
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    I love these rods, I actually have a 11 foot 7 weight switch rod for sale 300$ and a 9 foot 5 weight for sale 300$ they are both the deisel models. these rods are amazing rods and they look sick. unfinished blank just like a scott rod. message me if your interested in either of these rods. just got some new rods for my anniversery.