Redington Butter Stick - first impressions (also, Orvis Superfine)

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  1. I had the soon-to-be-released (~August 2013) Redington Butter Stick out for the first time today -- I have the 7'6" 4-wt model.

    This new glass rod proved itself on the Tilton with a solid day of dry fly work. Put more than a dozen fish in the net, most were 10-12 inch cutthroats, with a handful of 8-10 inch rainbows. All were caught on dries -- #16 and #18 Elk Hair caddis and #14 royal stimulators.

    The Butter Stick proved to be a smooth, slick-casting rod able to accurately place flies with barely a ripple. I found it a little stiff through the butt, with good mid flex and a nice slow tip to really turn over the flies and drop them gently for a 'natural' presentation. I'm thinking this is going to be a great dry-fly stick for skinny water.

    Because I'm working on a review of "dry fly" rods, I also had an Orvis Superfine Touch (8-foot 4-wt) on the river. Donna used this most of the day -- I used it exclusively last weekend on a dry-fly day on the Yakima. The Superfine is a damn nice rod for precise, delicate fly presentations. It weights next to nothing, but sports enough backbone to fight heavy trout -- I had a couple 16" yakima rainbows on it last week.

    Both these rods, along with the Sage Circa (which I've already used and reviewed) and a few others I have yet to cast, while be part of a review package at -- full review will likely be published mid-july. Exact timing will depend on when my team of testers gets enough rivertime with all the rods.

    For now, I'll just say I think Redington is making a nice jump into the glass rod game, but Orvis' Superfines continue to be the rods that the others will have to catch in the 'best dry fly rod' class.
    Tilton River Trout  005.jpg Tilton River Trout  006.jpg Tilton River Trout  002.jpg
  2. Do you know about how much these rods will cost? and what weight they will come in? redington does not have this rod listed on their site.
    thank you
  3. Seems like you might be comparing apples and oranges. A fiberglass 7'6" vs a graphite 8' might be a bit of a stretch. Why not compare the Butter Stick with another glass rod like a Steffen or McFarland? Why not compare the Superfine with say a Redington Tempt? If your goal is to compare dry fly rods, why not include the epitome of a small stream dry rod as a baseline, a Sage 379LL?

  4. Comparing apples to orange? ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Sometimes it makes perfect sense to do so. For instance, if you are discussing the best fruit for juice.

    I'm not looking for the best glass rod, or the best graphite rod. I'm comparing rods that, according to their makers, are great at delivering dry flies to rising trout.
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  5. Good question, good answer.
  6. Click on the link Nelson provided above, then click the graph in the should get this (don't know if it is official...but im sure an idea of where the price point will be.

  7. Interesting that the 7'6" Butter Stick weighs a full half ounce MORE than the 3-inch longer Sage 379LL (2.9 oz vs 2.4 oz). Wonder why? Locking screw reel seat vs. sliding ring?

  8. That's a lot of money for a chunk of fiberglas.
  9. Butter Stick is a pretty great name. Pair it with a Lamiglass Honey and you've got nice waffle toppings.
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