Red's Shed Spey Clave -- You going?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by David Dalan, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. So I've planned some fall fishing time to coincide with the Reds Shed Spey Gathering. I'll be there a couple days before it fishing all over the place and I was wondering who (if anyone) else is planning on hitting the gathering. I was thinking about the Sunday casting competition, but honestly I'm probably heading home Sat evening. I'm planning on roughing it at the Motel 6, but honestly I am such a slacker, I'll probably end up sleeping the back of the Subaru on a pullout on the Snake. Or the lower GR. a Van down by the river.

    Anyway I am just posting to see if anyone else was planning to be about, might be nice to say hi at the gathering. I've never been before, but it looks interesting.

    I'll be the giant bald guy who smells like he's been drinking rum, sweating and sleeping in a car for two days. :D
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  2. The Orofino airport appears to surrounded by high terrain.

  3. Nez Perce County Regional in Lewiston? Looks like it's on the bluff south of town.
  4. That's too easy.

    Maybe I could buffalo the Red Lion courtesy van to haul me to Lenore.
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  5. If you going, you'll be on my way, I'd be glad to give you a ride. I'll even make an extra effort to hit the hotel and take a shower :)
  6. It is, but it has good approaches from both ends. Some towers, lines and trees in the area, make sure your AFD is up to date. Mountain flying performance/safety "rules" apply. Right traffic on runway 9.
  7. hmmmmmmmm.........
  8. The two events are well worth a spey fisher's time. It's a medium-small spey gathering, with opportunities to test-drive a variety of spey rods and lines, on lawn and in the river, plus fly tying demos and free picnic lunch type food. The casting competition is interesting, too. I enjoy trying to cast long, but I'm hopelessly outclassed by the young stalwarts who compete, some with tournament rods and lines. I watched from onshore, near the farther marks on the floating target rope. The longer casts would equal a hail-Mary-length NFL field goal attempt.
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