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  1. I just picked up a redington link 6wt and now need to get a reel for it. Im thinking redington drift/orvis battenkill click reel or redington rise reel. Does anyone have this rod with a reel they really like or have any input on the 3 reels I listed?
    Thanks for any help
  2. What kind of fish are you planning on targeting? If it's going go be a streamer/salt/pinks/bass rod I would recommend a good, sealed disc drag like a Lamson Konic/Guru. The Orvis click reel should do if you just fish dry flies for average size fish. They make a very nice reel for the money.
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  3. While the three reels you listed have a lot in common, mass is not one of them (roughly 3oz vs. 4oz vs. 5oz). Since you list a specific rod as opposed to fishing environment is that the crux of the question? Figuring 100 yd of backing and 6wt line is going to fall between 1 – 1.25 oz, do you have a reel that mimics at least one or two of those in lined up total mass that you can mount? I read a review on the 9' 7wt version of this rod using an appropriate Rise reel and the review was very favorable. It might be a bit of a stretch but if we assume that the 6wt with the Rise 5/6 is a good combination then I’d say that the Orvis will not be a good match (2oz delta in mass) and would result in a very tip heavy system. I really like the Battenkill but if you don’t have a rod that matches up with a 3 oz reel ……..
  4. I recently bought a Redington Pursuit 8wt combo specifically for a trip targeting BIG trout in a northern Nevada reservoir. I mostly fish trouty weights (4-6wt) so I wasn't interested in breaking the bank for a heavier setup that might get used just once or twice a year.

    While I loved the Redington rod, the reel left a bit to be desired. Here's why: Although the frame is aluminum, it's just cast aluminum as opposed to machined bar stock, and the spool is molded plastic. With a big fish on the end, the reel had a tendency to bind and make odd grinding sounds, probably from it being distorted from the super-sized pull on the other end of the line.

    I understand you're talking about a 6wt not an 8wt and that you may well likely not be dealing with 25" fish. But if it was me, I'd lean towards a bit more substantial reel. The Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock might be a good choice.

  5. The Redington Drift is an awesome reel for the price, and is probably one of my favourite trout reels- it's not pricey, it's machined, and has a fun trouty click. The drag isn't anything special, especially being a click/pawl drag, but it's good enough to keep your line from over-spooling. One thing I would suggest is getting it in a size up. I have the 5/6 Drift and it's more of a 4/5 in all honesty.
  6. Sorry I forgot to add what kind of fishing I was planning on doing with this set up. It will be used most for trout in rivers, streamers and big nymph set ups and possibly for small mouth bass.
  7. I just picked up a 9'6" 6wt redington link on monday and paired it with a lamson litespeed 3x. I have yet to line it up but I'm pretty excited about the set-up.

    There are some great deals on lamson products at right now.

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