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  1. I just committed to buying a 6'6" 2/3 weight glass blank and will start building it up soon in anticipation for this summer's skinny water season. I'm still tossing some of the details around in my head and waiting to see the blank in person to see the exact color of it. I'd like to put a classic reel on it rather than buying a modern reel. I know nothing about old reels, so can you guys offer up some suggestions of models I should look for that will be appropriate for that size rod and won't cost a ton of money?
  2. One suggestion: go "old school", with a Pfleuger (1774?) Progress. You can find them on the big shopping auction site, occasionaly in brass cage/aluminum spool. Just a beautiful old small capacity click and pawl that usually can be had for $30 in good shape. Light weight, classic looks, small diameter, sturdy enough to last another 50 years. I have several on "crick" rods and lighter bamboo rods.
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  3. Greg Holt makes a good suggestion. If you wanted to go a little "older" old school, any of the light weight raised pillar "skeleton' reels would work well for not a lot of expense. Shakespeare, Winchester, Union Hardware (as well as the earlier version Pflueger Progress made in the skeleton style ) made these little reels that would suit a 3 wt. nicely.
    Another nice reel that might work and is not quite as old (although a little heavier than the skeletons) is the Pflueger "Gem".
    Or go contemporary and look for a Reddington CT (discontinued, but a really nice little click/pawl) or the new Orvis click/pawl that was mentioned in another thread here recently.
    Have fun!
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  4. A 1492 Medalist is another consideration that is appropriate for glass rods. I have one with a DT 3 and some backing. These are easily found and normally a bargain.
    For modern reels it is hard to beat an Abel TR 2 for both DT3 and DT 4.
  5. I'd look for a older (English made) CFO in a I, II,123, or a III. I like them over a lot of older reels due to the fact they have a exposed rim (open frame), light weight and can be found in click & pawl or disc.
  6. or the reel that replaced it, the mid-arbor & machined Drift. I have the 5/6 size that I use for my lighter rods (the 5/6 is still only 3.9 oz. empty). I use it on my 6'6" 4wt glass and it balances it out really well. I like it better than the CT (although, I liked that as well). I also have an old Pflueger Supreme 3/4 (the gold machined one) that works really really well.
  7. They're basic no frills, click pawls but I would highly recommend any of these three......Edwards Manufacturing Co. #30, Horrocks-Ibbotson Sportcraft 60 and Wards Hawthorne #60-6447

    Edwards No.30.jpg IMG_8603.JPG 60 or Wards Hawthorne 60-6447 IMG_3369.JPG IMG_3370.jpg View attachment 26477 View attachment 26478
  8. As long as we're making a "valentines list" of old favorites (and you all have mentioned some dandies), let's include the Martins, the model 61 for instance. Does anyone know if Martin built the Wards reels for a time? The 60 sure looks "Marinesque", especially the backside and the spool mounting screw.
  9. They did. Martin also made reels for Western Auto Stores and even a model for Abercrombie & Fitch. IMGP0356.JPG IMGP0360.JPG IMG_5602.JPG IMG_5603.JPG IMG_5741.jpg IMG_5742.JPG
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  10. Nice, thanks guys! I really like that Hawthorne reel, I think I like it better in the ported spool than the solid spool though.
  11. But wait, there's more!
    The Martin 61 was a ported spool clicker too, looked virtually identical (to my eye anyway) to the A&F "Yellowstone" pictured above. Offered usually in black body/silver trim.
    Later on, Martin made an updated clicker model with palming rim, too (model 63SS), same light weight.

    All of these were plenty light weight enough for a 2/3 glass rod, spoken in honor of the thread...
  12. Great thread!
  13. Yep - that's the one I mentioned in my earlier post.
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  14. I like the Drift too.
  15. Those are nice, but I'm going to go old school and under $30
  16. I'm not familiar with the Martin 19. Do you have a pic by chance? I have a Martin 7 and I've seen a Martin 11 that looks like the first Hawthorne 60-6447 pic I posted.(pic attached) IMG_1446.JPG IMG_1447.jpg
  17. Dave,
    I'm too stupid by a factor of TWO!!

    I grabbed the reel out of my bag and simply glanced at it because I wanted to be sure of the model number, but in doing so, I turned the reel upside down--it is a MODEL 61! Sorry. I went back and corrected the text in the posts above so that no one else is led astray--thanks for catching this!

    PS: for any who may be interested, I started a new thread tonight seeking help identifying an old fly reel of mine...
  18. That is going to be a very light rod, so don't over-weight the reel. I put reels around 3.5 ounces on my glass rods that are similar. Suggestions: Abel tr light, Forbes Avon 2.5, orvis reel mentioned above, redington drift or ct 2/3, orvis cfo I or 123, lamson lp1 light, ross Colorado the top of this gear whore's head.
  19. I have both Forbes Avon and Forbes Sandstone 3" reels that I use on short (less than 7') light cane rods. They balance well but your glass rod will likely be a bit lighter. The Avon is ported the Sandstone is not. TC

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