Reel Suggestion for 3 weight glass rod

Discussion in 'Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels' started by Gary Knowels, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. A hardy clone like a Heddon 300 may be a nice way to go...
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  2. This is indeed a great thread. As a caution though before pulling the trigger on a classic reel, you may wish to consider whether or not you might want to add an additional line to your setup at a future date that will require an extra spool. While extra spools are readily available for Pfleuger Medalists, I'm unclear whether they are for some of the more obscure reels mentioned above. I seem to remember a thread a while back from a guy who ended up looking for an extra spool for an uncommon reel for over 2 years before he finally found one.

  3. Thanks for the input Kent. I figure if I want to throw a second line on it, I might as well just buy a second reel! Not much more work and not much more space needed. Plus, it means I could have another cool classic reel in my collection.
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  4. "Another cool reel" in your collection? Sounds like you're on your way to becoming a gear whore like me. Careful - it's a slippery slope!

  5. Atta boy! I like the way you're thinking.

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  6. I have a sage 356 LL and use a hardy fly weight on it. Perfect small reel for small light weight rod.
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  7. the 1492's are neat little reals. also the Redington CT 3/4 and the Lamson LP1 (or 1.5) lite are sweet - the latter being harder to find, but worth it.
    the hardy featherlight clones from berkley, diawa, heddon, etc are fairly easy to come by and very functional. i've got a few and really like them!
  8. Suggestion removed. Over $30.:(
  9. Young made some great reels! Beaudex, condex etc... If you are building Lamiglass 3 wegith 6'6. I have an exact one. a little 3' reel will balance it well.

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  10. I second the three inch Beaudex idea but I'm not sure you can find one for $30.

    You might be able to get a more 'experienced' American reel - many names to them but they look something like this:



    And you might get a decent Airex for $30:



    If you were to expand your budget...well, that would be a different conversation! :)

  11. Me like's the 7169 too but it's going to be too heavy for his rod. Mine balances well with a 7.5ft, 6wt South Bend White Knight. That's a cool box by the way. IMGP0809.JPG IMGP0807.JPG
  12. Thanks guys! I think my favorite of all are the Hardy featherweight clones( daiwa 700, heddon 300, Berkeley 530, etc) , but I haven't been able to find one for sale yet. If I can't find one, I think I'll look into picking up a Martin 61 or similar.

    So many great options, I just want to start collecting them. Some of my mom's friends are really into garage/estate sales, I think I'll tell them to start buying old fly reels for me if they are the right price!
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  13. "So many great options, I just want to start collecting them. Some of my mom's friends are really into garage/estate sales, I think I'll tell them to start buying old fly reels for me if they are the right price!"

    great idea! nice old classic reels can be found that cost very little and are as functional as they are cool to look at! i keep mine on my office wall and rotate them as i see fit. it's my all-time-favorite wall art! though mostly American-made blue collar reels, a few Youngs and a DAM Quick made the last cut. here's mine today.

    my reels.JPG
  14. Mike, that is awesome! I agree, incredible wall art and a fantastic conversation piece. There is so much to look at with a single reel that 25 of them in one place can really keep the eyes and mind occupied for a while.

    What is #23?
  15. It's a Young Beaudex. Neat old clicker! Though most of my "collection" are made up of reels you could buy a while back at Sears or a good hardware store in Montana.
  16. Ahh, I knew I'd seen it before and that was at about 1:30 last night when I on a vintage fly reel picture spree. It's really not very hard to find old reels in decent shape for a good price, but it has been much more difficult to find one of the appropriate size for such a small/light rod.
  17. Many of these are surprisingly lightweight. The Bronson (#2) and the red Sears (#20) reel are really light.
  18. Gary,
    I've got a Martin 65 with ported spool. It measures 3.5 inches across. If it's not too large for your rod you are welcome to have it.

    I just noticed that there is not much "Click" left in it. Pawl may be worn or it needs cleaning.
  19. Jeff,

    Thanks for the offer, I think that is going to be too large for my little 3 weight rod. If you still want to give it up, I'll put it on the 6 weight rod I am finishing up this week. let me know how much you want for it and how much it will take to ship it.
  20. Hi Gary
    You have plans to fish Lone anytime soon? if not, I will ship it to you, just send me a PM with your address.


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