Reel ?: Why would a Lamson reel have a J stamped on it?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jslo, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. I'm looking at a reel, and it has a "J" on the rod clip which fits in the reel seat.

    I've googled and googled, no luck. Anyone have an idea?
  2. recommended line size. Trade it for one with a B, C or D for easier casting.
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  3. Sorry you kinda lost me there...It's a Lamson size 1.5, so I believe for 3,4,5 wt line. I actually have 3 Lamson reels, but only one has a stamp on it? Are you suggesting trading it in to Lamson?
  4. I was joking. The old line sizes were letters before numbers. An "A" line was a heavy one and down to "H" which was about the smallest. "J" would have been off the scale and a very light line.
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  5. lol ok dang. Sorry, I missed it. It's still funny in hindsight! :)
  6. Tell all of your friends the "J" stands for Jslo, they'll be impressed.:)
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  7. I'm curious enough, I may email lamson- I've got a guy there I kinda know through customer service who is cool. I'll post anything I find out! :)
  8. Even better yet! You can tell them that your "Buddy" @ Lamson did it for you.
  9. Assuming you bought it used the J may have been stamped by a previous owner. Its a simple thing to do and letter/number stamps are readily available. If an inquiry to Lamson isn't helpful I'd go with option B. J stands for Jslo.

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  10. Go with the will not affect the performance of the reel. May the J be with you!
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  11. "J" was one of the "Men in Black", the reel probably belonged to him......
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  12. I've wondered about this, too. I bought a brand new Lamson Guru 4 from Gig Harbor Fly Shop, and it also has a "J" stamped on it. No idea...
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  13. Could be supplier ID.
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  14. Ok friends, here is what I found out from my email to Lamson- learn something new everyday!

    "Good morning, Jslo,

    The ‘J’ on the foot of some older Litespeed reels is a mark of the machine shop that was contracted out to cut those feet for us at the time. It’s definitely not a suspicious mark and is present on the pre-Hard Alox Litespeeds and some Velocity reels as well.


    Luke xxxxxxx"

    Pretty cool.
  15. great, Now everybody will want a J stamped on their reel.
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  16. I think I'll hold out for a "Z".
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  17. Well, you know since its a custom "J"Slo model lol, it will catch extra fish since its got my "J" on it... ;) (see thread on superstitions lol!!)

    For you I'd recommend hunting down a reel with a T or A on it ;)

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