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  1. Some folks were noting their REI numbers on another thread. I joined when they were downtown on Pike or Pine around 5th Ave. It was up a flight of stairs. I bought my first ice axe from Jim Whitaker. It was couple of years after he climbed Everest. My number is 38,583.
  2. Yep, that's the store. I was 14 when I joined. Early 1965 or before.
    Had to re-join and get a new number, and I can't even find my card now.
    Lately I've done more shopping for backpacking gear at Brown's Outdoor in Port Angeles. It kind of reminds me of the "old" REI store in a way.
  3. My number was 900033 from 1979.
  4. Denver, 1988.
    Number starts with 020 and ends 2704.
    I still use the sleeping bag I bought on that visit.
  5. Mine is 845990 but I'm not sure if that is the original. We stopped buying items from REI when we got burned the first year we joined.

    Someone convinced us to join about the same time we started gearing up for backpacking. They told us that the dividends were significant so while the products were expensive to buy at the onset, the dividend ended up reducing the price considerably.

    Soooooooo..... Gin and I purchased all our backpacking gear from REI while expecting a hefty dividend at the end of the year. This amounted to a considerable amount because at the time Gortex was the only breathable material on the market and just our parkas cost a fortune. We also purchased, pants, gaiters, back packs, a tent, cooking gear, back packing stove, etc. etc.

    We could have purchased the items elsewhere at a much lower price but we were counting heavily on the dividend.

    We were burned. That particular year they changed CEOs and whatever he did when he gained control of the company was a disaster. They paid a ridiculously small amount in dividends that year... like maybe 20 bucks at the most.

    Considering the amount we paid for the gear, the dividend was a joke. We would have been far ahead to buy from a less expensive source in the beginning.

    As a result, we stopped buying anything from REI at any continual rate. Once in a blue moon we'll buy something from the store in Eugene because it happens to be right next to a fly shop called Home Waters and while visiting the shop, I sometimes think of something I can buy at REI... but I sure as the devil don't plan on receiving a dividend that significantly reduces the ultimate price for the item.

    It really figures that the one year we spent a bundle for backpacking gear was the year the company paid crap for a dividend.
  6. 385909 for this guy.
  7. Yeah, I remember shopping at that store even though I didn't join the co-op until later.

    My number is in the 800,000 range so you guys are making me feel much younger!
  8. "My number is 38,583"
    "Mine is 845990"
    "385909 for this guy."

    So far, Steve has the longevity record!

    Man, I never knew there were so many ancient outdoor types here! I feel like a teenager again!!!

    BTW, here's the official REI historical site:

    Interesting reading!

    As I mentioned in the "Old Fart" thread, when I was working at my marina I had a longtime customer who had a 4-digit REI number. Sam said he remembered getting his gear at the gas station!

    That's goin' back a ways!
  9. When I worked at REI, I had a 2 digit customer and several 3 digit ones. However, a coworker waited on a single digit customer one day and we were all pretty envious!
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  10. 3xxx here.

    oops, add a x.
  11. Whoa! When was that?

    And does anyone know when REI began assigning membership numbers?

    Did the "founding fathers" (such as Lloyd and Mary Anderson) get numbers or did that happen later, after the co-op began to expand?
  12. Yikes, no wonder your sig line says "Senior Moment"!

    (Just yankin' your chain, buddy! );)
  13. I don't buy a lot at REI any more, but my son's both use my number and the oldest seems to buy quite a bit. Of course I get the dividend. He's called a couple of times and warned me not to "spend his dividend". Ha! I keep telling him it doesn't work like that. I got a new sleeping bag last year and the dividend covered about half the price. I thanked him!
  14. I hear ya, Steve!

    I also don't spend a lot of money at REI anymore but when I was actively climbing and back-country telemark skiing, they received a lot of funds from me.

    Now that I'm older and with an artificial hip, I've been getting rid of all the climbing/skiing stuff but would still like to get back to the basics: just hiking into the backcountry in order to camp and toss a fly or two and maybe, just maybe, catch a fish.

    So I still spend a few bucks at REI every year and hope to do so in the future.

    I've always had good experiences shopping at REI.
  15. Yes,

    REI is one of the places I spend money that always satisfies.

    That along with $ spent with Anil at Puget Sound Anglers and numerous $ spent at local bicycle shops rewards me with no regrets.

    REI gets most of my car camping/hiking/outdoor technical wear $. I look forward to spending the dividend each year.
  16. Gees my number at 41000 and some is not even in the running.:D
  17. Yeah, right? ;)

    With that number you're a patriarch of the co-op!
  18. Geez, some old-time coop member here. I joined in 1980 or 81 and I am not even in the same ball park as some of these numbers.
  19. I suppose some of these members used to rub shoulders with Fred Beckey and Bob and Ira Spring! :)

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