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  1. Hello fellow fly fishers, haven't been here for a long time so I thought I would pop back in
    and say "Hello" ! Glad to see the site is still up and running and still has the great content
    I remember from a few years back.
    I live in Lewiston Ca. and fish the Trinity for Salmon and Steelhead mostly on the fly but I
    don't limit myself to just flyfishing and would not be considered a purist by any means but
    I still have fun with the flies I tie and now the jigs as my latest method for chasing fish is
    center pin float fishing . Almost as chalenging as learning to cast a fly rod and a great presentation for jig or fly, I'll try and post a few of my local patterns in the near future.
    My friends call me Mark or Sal-Man ....I answer to both.
  2. Hi Sal-Man.................glad to see you returned to your Mother Stream! I have only been on hear a short while, but absolutely LOVE IT and the new friends I have made. WHO else loves fishing more than US???

    Bigtroutchaser in Bend, Oreegone

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