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  1. Pacific Steelheader

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    Really had a great time fishing Pyramid Lake last March and getting ready to fish it again this coming Spring.
    The drive along the 395 we hit some snow at the higher elevations.
    A few pics from my last trip out to share... Pyramid Lake and The Truckee River Reno, NV.
    Fly fishing with an indicator and large midges really gets the big Lahontan trout excited. Fished with ladders, pontoon boats and from the shoreline.

    Have to be careful with the wind and waves on Pyramid Lake, it is 27 miles across and no place to be caught out in a pontoon boat. I was glad to beach mine and fish from the shore on one of the days fishing.
    Large midges just about 6-7 feet below the indicator, number 8 and size 10 white bead heads. Typical snowcones in black and blue. Morning air temp was 27 when we headed out to the lake from Crosby Lodge, water temp down around 39 warmed up to 41. The best part of the day air temps warmed up to 40 and some good wave action 2-3 feet which really stirs up the fish.
    When I was gearing up I thought I pulled out my 6wt Sage SLT, but instead had grabbed my Z Axis 9' 5wt rod that I custom built from a blank. Well it did the job on the 30 incher I pulled in. Man did that rod flex as I brought it to the net. Check out the tag on the fish, recently spawned out at the nets at the lake and released.
    This is what it looks like fishing side by side standing on a ladder or some guys have custom seats on top of their stands. Water is cold this time of year and you can sometimes see the fish cruising in along the drop.
    First time fishing Pyramid two years earlier with a guide. Set up was nymphing bead head pt below an indicator in 8-9 feet of water. A fine looking 30.5 Lahontan Cutthroat on a Z Axis 7 wt.
    Back to last March I fished the Truckee with Arlo a local guide, he really knows this river.
    The section we fished can be tough and the river isn't know for numbers but the fish average 20 inches.
    Any comments or thought appreciated.
    Thanks, Robert

    Just after posting this I was watching news of the Truckee and Lake Tahoe area, flooding is expected this weekend. Hope people and their homes in the area are safe.
  2. Thomas Williams

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    Awesome report. Reno is my home and I have had many wonderful days on the water. The cutts in Pyramid are very unique. My buddy put a 24 pounder in the net last week. Great to report and beautiful pics. Thanks for bringing a piece of home my way!

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  3. Pacific Steelheader

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    Thanks Thomas... Wow 24 pounder!!! The fish in my pics were maybe 11 or 12 pounds. I know they get big and push the scale before spawn.
  4. Bruce Baker

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    Thanks for the report and sharing with us.
  5. quazman

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    Cool! Looks like a great time.
  6. John Forsyth

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    Wow, those are some trophy fish. I have fished Pyramid for about 12 years now and I have never caught any that big. They have introduced a new strain to the fishery about 4 years ago that is presumed to be from the original stock of Lahontans that were fished out. It looks like they may be correct as there are a lot more reports of very large fish. The typical fish is 19 to 24 inches. I like the spring best as the weather is more reasonable and the fish cruise the shallows, making it easier to reach them from shore. I think the best fishing is in May. I thought it very strange to fish from a ladder at first, but now I prefer it. It is social fishing and you can tell when the fish come in by watching the line-up. Pyramid grows on you. It is such a strange and beautiful place.
  7. Josh Stroud

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    Awesome pictures.
  8. Pacific Steelheader

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    Thanks for the feedback... I had a blast last March. Lake level was really up and you had to walk out pretty far from the nets to put your ladder down.