Request: Create a new forum for Kayak Anglers

Discussion in 'New Features, Site News, Issues Info.' started by Irfan, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Irfan Member

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    Since kayak fishing is getting more and more popular, it would be great to devote a forum on that. This will help people setup group kayak trips, events, discuss products, and especially kayak fly fishing.
  2. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    We do have a watercraft forum. If we made a kayak fishing forum, we'd also have to add a pontoon forum (which is still extremely popular), drift boat, raft, etc. I know first hand how they're becoming popular, we're using them a lot in our PHWFF group on lakes and the sound. But for now, we'll have to keep the threads in the watercraft area. Unless Chris thinks he wants to add one.
  3. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    The watercraft forum can handle it for now. There isn't enough current or historical discussion on the subject to justify breaking it out yet.