Request for help recovering payment or rod from NewTyer1 aka Scott Martin

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Mayfly Aviator, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Hey all,

    I need some help contacting a board member here and wonder if any of you have a phone number or email address for him. One month ago we worked out a deal for a 7wt rod and reel, payment was sent to him on 03/17/2013. After multiple follow ups regarding the shipping date of the rod, Scott went silent. Last correspondence date was 04/03/2013, when he stated that I should receive the rod no later than Friday 04/05/2013. After the rod didn't show up on Friday I gave him a couple more days before following up hoping the rod just got held up in shipping somewhere. I followed up on the 9th, never heard back. Followed up on the 10th, sent the PM while he was on the forum reading a post, never heard back. Followed up last Friday the 12th, never heard back and finally made one last effort to contact him yesterday stating he had 24 hours to provide status or I'd have to pursue help from the board and a potential claim on Paypal.

    It's been a month and I'm getting frustrated and frankly disappointed that a man's word wasn't kept on a deal. I've had so many successful transactions on this forum I guess it was my turn to get screwed on a one.

    If any of you knows Scott Martin aka NewTyer1 phone number or contact information I would greatly appreciate your help. He was last on the board Sunday evening and I would guess that he's been reading my PMs as they stack up in his inbox.

    Sam Dixon
  2. Damn, that sucks. Can't help you as I don't know him but hopefully you'll be able to get your product or refund.
  3. Sam,

    While I don’t know how to contact him, I would say you allowed ample time to pass and you should start contacting PayPal in regards to your transaction with him. Hope you get this resolved soon and in your favor!
  4. Did you pay by check or by paypal? You may have some recourse via paypal?
  5. Through Paypal. I'll be looking into those options, although I'd prefer to get in touch with Scott to work it out.
  6. I had a problem with him a couple of years ago, not over money owed. I haven't heard anything negative since then when I confronted him on this board. Maybe calling him out will get it done again.
  7. Mayfly I have done a lot of things through paypal and you only have so long once you send the money so make sure you don't let that time go by our you won't get any help but if you do it in time they will get it worked out. They will freeze his account and he won't be able to do nothing with it. And then they send you your money up to 500$ don't know what you paid. Hope it all works out
  8. It shows he was last online Sunday the 14th.
  9. Mayfly you need to act soon because there is a limit on how long after a transaction you can dispute it. If you sent money to him as a gift instead of for goods or services you will not be able to dispute the transaction. If you didn't then you are golden. The only way he would win is if he 1. Provided tracking numbers to paypal. 2.Required signature on delivery of the item to prove it was not lost. If he did not do both of those things you will win the dispute. If nothing else it will lock his account. I'm sorry that happened to you.

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  10. I remember there being an issue with him a while back taking stuff for free (someone was looking to donate it and he had a disabled vet story I think) and then turning around and selling it on some other forum and maybe on this one also. I guess it eventually got straightened out because as I remember it the thread was deleted so as to not sully his good name.
  11. He sounds like a real winner...
  12. Just file a claim on PayPal. It sends him a message and allows both of you to work it out on PayPal. If he doesn't respond via PayPal after a week or 2, PayPal then refunds you the money. I've had to do it a few times. Only once did PayPal forcefully get the money back.
  13. what a dick
  14. X2... who would take stuff going to Vets, then sell it and keep the $$ for himself...
  15. I'm new here but if someone is doing something like that isn't there a way we can keep him off the site. I mean he doesn't seem like the kind of person I would want to get to know let alone go fishing with or talk about fishing to. I know I don't even care what he has to say. I mean a man is only as good as his actions!!!
  16. I wouldn't worry about this to much. The mods here are some of the best on the net. Everything has been rather calm here lately but sooner or later something will blow up on the forum and then you will see our mods in action. Once they step in things get taken care of swiftly. Jerry is already watching this thread and I am sure if action needs to be taken, he will.
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  17. Good and I'm glad its that way I'm sure I will rub some people the wrong way but I also know it won't be because of something like this, more like I will say something that someone doesn't agree with. But I'm all for people speaking there mind and can take what I give so I am good with that but I'm not good with paying for something and getting burned. But I am glad to know that this kind of thing is dealt with on here. And that I should feel like I can do a deal with someone I meet on here and not have to worry about this happening.
  18. I just want to clarify since I am not sure I made it clear in my first post that the prior issue was theoretically taken care of to the satisfaction of the wronged party which is why the mods deleted the post (at least as I remember it). Reading back through this post, I am even thinking it was jessejames issue that I am remembering so he would likely recall more about it. Also, newtyer1 was saying he was the disabled vet as I remember it.
  19. Well maybe it will all turn out to be a misunderstanding and if so I would feel a bad for feeling this way but from how it looks it's not good.:(

  20. Ok, from my understanding he is a disabled vet. But what happened was that Jesse gave him some gear since he was a vet in need of supplies, and the goods were then put up for sale later. That's what the problem was.

    Onto if he's scamming, which I hope he isn't, he'll be banned in no time. I work with wounded vets in my Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing program (both physically and mentally wounded), and have seen what they've had to deal with. If someone tries pulling a vet scam (which has happened numerous times, especially when I've asked for a DD214), they're booted along with their IP. Done and done.
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