Request for help recovering payment or rod from NewTyer1 aka Scott Martin

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Mayfly Aviator, Apr 18, 2013.

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  2. Did you already make a new screen name? I mean that is the only way I can see someone having the view you do is if its the person being blasted. is this newtyer1???
  3. Naw, Sal is a real guy. He just has a differing opinion than some of us. He is a good guy and heck of a craftsman of fine flies.
  4. Well I think he needs to look at the big picture and think about how he would feel if he sent some of the flies he spent his time making for a guy to be lying about who he is or what they are for. I understand he's a good guy I got that after I read the rest of the post about him and for the people that do tie I hope he stays but he should want this kind of thing. I am new here but this makes me feel great to know if someone ripped me off and did it to other ppl that he wouldn't be able to act like nothing happened and from the sounds of it they tried to handle it every other way until they found out it wasnt a one time thing. So I hope he does stay and I hope I didn't offend him I just don't see how he thinks this is so wrong, but I guess its not fair for me to pass judgement any ways as every one is allowed to have their own views.
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  6. Eric, passing judgment is normal. We are human beings after all. :)
  7. We all have opinions on how things like this should be handled. At a certain point, I was wondering why this thread was kept alive. I thought things had been covered and also thought maybe this could have been handled more quietly. But, it's really not up to me to decide whether a thread should be censored, closed, etc. I respect S Fontinalis opinion and his expressing of it, also. It's easier to jump on the bashwagon than it is to state a differing opinion from the masses.

    Mods here do a great job. Doesn't mean people can't express a different opinion.
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  8. I was not sure in the beginning too. But, now that I see how enormous this problem was. Well It should be Public Knowledge. My hat's off to Chris and his crew.
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  9. It seems this guys has been hard to get payments from on the SEFF too. We're looking at him now to see if he has any outstanding payments there to members and if they have his contact info. Thanks for posting that info. Someone may need it for future reference.

    The Fly Fishing community isn't really that large in the grand scheme of things, and is refreshingly close knit, and connected by a kindred spirit. Scam one and you scam us all, no matter what part of the country we may be in.

    Thanks guys! Great forum over in this part of the world!

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  10. It's unfortunate that this brought you here but hope you stay awhile and make yourself at home.
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  11. anyone want to pool some money together to send him a present?
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  13. I can't believe this thread is still alive. Just confirms the sustaining power of negative thinking.

  14. Well after page 10 I think we've successfully roasted the goober Scott Martin. Let's move along, tie some flies, throw some line and catch a few fish.
  15. I agree with Kent and Scotty. Move along; nothing more to see here, folks.
  16. I have a lot to add, but will simply close thread.
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