Request for help recovering payment or rod from NewTyer1 aka Scott Martin

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Mayfly Aviator, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. I remember the post where he revealed he was a vet and had PTSD. That post was about a month ago.
  2. And, I'm not trying to crucify NewTyer1. I'm giving him benefit of the doubt here and letting you all know he's being watched.
  3. How old is he, maybe he is now deceased. Or in the hospital, I'm only Lightning the air. At least I hope that's the case. Me being a vet, this would really piss me off.
  4. I don't think he's that old. Maybe in his 40's at most. Also, he was online as of Sunday.
  5. It's never time to get screwed and this behavior shouldn't be tolorated by any of us. Trust is the ENITRE basis for online sales transactions, be it eBay or in membership forums. Without trust, the system collapses. All it takes is a few bad apples.

    It's been a month and we all know what the green light and alert badges mean. It's been documented he was last online on the 14th, nearly 30 days after sale agreement reached and days since follow up. I'm assuming no tracking number has been provided? No tracking # is the coupe de grace that it wasn't sent. I've never sent anything to another member without a tracking number, for the benefit of both. If this is an honest mis-communication, so be it. But that's a lot of mis (non) communication for me.

    On a positive note, I would like to say I have never (knocking on wood) had an incident of non-payment from any board member. To the contrary, I've had board members send me items we agreed upon then ask if I liked it to send payment or return the item and vise-versa. Never returned and item and never have had one returned.
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  6. Thanks for the help, everyone. I filed a claim on Paypal, meaning that he has until 4/30 to respond to Paypal or the money will be debited from his account and sent to mine. That's actually pretty handy. Never had to do that before. Nonetheless, beware of deals that seem too good to be true.

    The help you've all provided including PMs is what makes this a great board and community.


    Sam Dixon
  7. I'm not trying to either as I would like to think that it's not in folks inherent nature to scam folks, but from this experience, the past issue, and the fact that he's had another board raise money for him while at the same time on the market to buy other equipment elsewhere resulting in being deemed a fraud by some on that board, it all seems pretty sketchy.,28043,408763.html#forumpost408763
  8. Yes seems pretty ridiculous.
  9. Sam, I'm glad you're getting you money back. Circumstances make it look like the guy is either having a had time with some PTSD and other trauma or he's a fraud. Maybe a little of both?
  10. Patrick, a person can't use PTSD as an excuse for lack of honor. I've found one thing about all the soldiers I've dealt with (some with SEVERE PTSD) is that they always stand by their word. A conman is a conman, no matter what uniform he/she wears for that day. But I've seen people self destruct from PTSD over screwing over a countryman. So that excuse doesn't fly with me.
  11. I'm with you Jerry. PTSD and family troubles are no excuse for lying and scamming people for fly fishing gear. Lying about service and family troubles are pretty low.
  12. This has nothing to do with any of that. If you're comfortable with deceit, it's a way of life. If you're honorable, it's a way of life. We need not continue making excuses and offering up acronyms in place of responsibility for our actions and behavior.
  13. Hopefully it isn't a thing of deceit. I'm hoping it's just a miscommunication of some sort.
  14. NewTyer1 (Scott), come on, don't put a damper on what otherwise has been a reliable internet classifieds. Do the right thing here.
  15. Well, since I haven't been on in awhile, let me straighten any rumors before they get out of hand as happened in the past. First off, yes I am the disabled vet both mentally and physically. I believe I was getting back into tying and a gentleman from West Slope fly shop I believe sent me some materials as did a few other people. Shortly after there was a young kid starting out and I decided to pay forward some materials to him as I had received more materials than I was looking for. I had also received some materials from friends on another forum. At that point, I sold some of the stuff from the other site and paid forward some stuff I received from here and next thing you know acquzations were being made.

    Secondly, the 7wt. outfit. After I had talked to Sam I ended up falling down my cement stairs after smoking and then standing up to fast. I already suffer from a severe back injury and made it worst when I fell. I went to the VAMC the next morning when I could not get out of bed and had to have a small operation to remove bone spurs that were caused by the fall. As far as this site saying I'm on, I have it set so it never logs me off so, it always shows that I am on. As soon as I returned home I contacted Sam and appoligized and also returned his money as I am limited to where I can go because of my back. I am an honest guy but sometimes stuff just happens outside of my control and as much stuff as I buy and sell on this sight and a few others, one or two incidences while unfortunate is exeptable I guess. I hope this nips this in the butt before it goes any further. Thank you for taking the time to read my rant.

  16. Well I for one, am glad this got resolved.
  17. Really? I'm not buying it. Way too many excuses/coincidences. I'll wait to hear from Sam.
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  18. Hope it works out for you Sam.

    Scott, please quit the grits or whatever else you smoke, this is something you control.
  19. What right do you have to tell Scott what to do (smoking or otherwise)? I'm pretty sure a grown man (and disabled veteran at that) can make his own decisions.....
  20. I want to know what being a veteran has to do with anything! You should never use your service as a tool to manipulate people into giving you money or goods. Its dishonorable and pathetic. You may as well go stand next to the freeway with a cardboard sign and some BDU's. I have friends who died in combat and being a veteran of two wars myself I take offense this this type of behavior. I dont know any actual veterans who would use there military credentials to get anything other than a good job!
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