Request for help recovering payment or rod from NewTyer1 aka Scott Martin

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Mayfly Aviator, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. O RLY?
  2. Interesting, care to share details if they are pertinent to this discussion's theme?
  3. Ed, I have pretty much the same problem regarding two rods that I paid for two months ago. It was on another forum and there was no way to contact him any more through that forum (I believe he disabled his PM's) so I sent him a followup letter but never heard back. I was worried something bad might have happened to him, until I saw this post yesterday and realized he was posting here, and I could PM him. I am confident that he and I can get this resolved, just glad to find a way to contact him. Looks like he was going through some personal issues and is a good guy.
    Newtyer1, if you read this I sent you a pm through this board. Please contact me when you get a chance.
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  4. Ok, here's what the info I got. I spoke to a couple different people with PHWFF in Virginia. One knew Scott's CO in his NG unit. I won't go into those details, but I will go into the details of one of the volunteers who helps run the Quantico and Ft Belvoir programs.

    "This past weekend I ran into this guy who is taking advantage of PHW Supports and Volunteers for his own gain. On Monday of this week this “person” and I am being really, really nice used my name to try and scam free equipment from a fly fishing vendor that has been a Great Supporter.

    I am (for once holding back) on what I want to call this “person” because I want to get the word out this him and to be on the lookout for his scam.

    It has sadly come to our attention that someone is lying and embellishing their veteran status for personal gain in our fly fishing community.

    Scott A. Martin, is contacting our GREAT vendors to ask for free equipment and then he turns around and sells those products for $$ gain.

    He has also taken advantage of the kindness and generosity of our PHW volunteers by acquiring free gear under false pretences.

    Not only does this disgust all of us who work so hard to build relationships with supporters and vendors for our Wounded Warriors, but it disturbs us that a veteran would do this to other fellow veterans.

    We post this so that our dedicated supporters, vendors and volunteers are aware of this imposter and should stear clear of any contact with him. We don't want him taking advantage of anyone else." - Marty Laksbergs

    So take this as you want. I spoke to Marty for quite awhile on the phone the other day, and also another gentleman who helps more on the National Level with PHWFF as well. I quoted what Marty posted up on Facebook today (they first put up a small brief post on the two PHWFF programs pages a couple days ago).
  5. BTW, if Scott wants to do a rebuttal or even provide a DD214 or a DD215 showing that the info I received was wrong, please do so. I'm simply relaying the info I just got.
  6. So, are you saying that he is not a veteran at all?.
  7. I'm assuming he's a vet (at least in the NG), but has very much embellished what he's been through and possibly even his DV status. Why I was saying he could easily clear it all up posting up his DD214 or DD215.
  8. The plot thickens, my stomach sickens.
  9. Wow. Just f'in wow.
  10. Did I say wow yet?
  11. I'm guessing this miscreant's days scamming the flyfishing community are over, and he will be moving onto another community. It's true that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, and similarly, it's very difficult to unteach an old dog his habitual tricks - especially a bad dog.
  12. By the way, we should post warnings about this guy on other fishing forums. I'll do Fiberglass Flyrodders.
  13. TODAY, He posted about a Virginia fly show.
  14. B
    Bragging about getting discounted orvis gear before it even hits shelves. Wanna bet he used his DV status to wrangle that deal?
  15. He is a professional scammer. He has posted on several forums that I visit and asked for free equipment. Several months ago he posted on a forum relating his so-called plight. Since I give several reels and lines away every year I put a package together and sent it to him in Virginia. He complained about the reel on another forum where he had asked for equipment. Yes, he complained about the free line, backing, leader and reel (all new) that i sent to him. Pissed me off, but I sent it to him by choice. Later he sold the reel. It was worth well over a hundred bucks. He is a liar and a cheat.
  16. Let me start off by saying, If you have your mind made up about me then you might as well move on to another thread. First off, I am not going to post my DD-214, there is to much personal info. on it so, you can forget that idea. I am 65% Service Connected with the VA and 100% disabled according to Social Security which just doesn't hand benifits out. I will state what happened in these circumstances and let you decide. Over the past 4 years I have been treated at the VA for multiple conditions and before they figured out which medications to give and how much I can honestly say, I wasn't at 100% in touch with reality and I made some mistakes. As far as PHWFF goes, yes I solicited items on two occations but, NEVER and I repeat, NEVER did I ever say I was a representitive of PHW although I did say I was a participant. I was asked nicely to stop, which I did but one day on the Classic fly rod forum I asked to buy a piece of Bamboo culm which got blown out of proportion and next thing I know a representive from PHW wrote that SOMEONE(gee, I wonder who he was talking about?)was trying to obtian bamboo rods under the gize that, that SOMEONE was a representivee of PHW which was as far from the truth as posible. So yes, I did solicite as a participent on a couple of occations but stopped when asked too. As far as the sale on the other forum goes, I sold some old fiberglass rods I had in the basement for $25 but, got band from the site for what they called corporate selling which basically says I am running a business which is so far from the truth it's funny but, I had no way to contact him and never received a letter. He has since contacted me which I thanked him for and his items are going out today. And the story about this reel, I cannot say truthfully one way or the other whether the story is true or not but, I know me, I would not complain about a reel that was given to me and as far as selling that item or any items for that matter, if I need the money for whatever reason and I have items I could sell then they are going, whether they were given to me or not but, believe me, I pay a lot of stuff each month forward, as in free so, this reel thing is not even worth my time. Now on to the Orvis outfit I just purchased. They had a 20% sale going on and because I belong to a Orvis program I get a real good deal on just about anything I buy, no stories, no underhanded stuff, no thievery. So, you can take these words and chew on them for awhile and form your own opinions but, I for one will sleep well tonight knowing that when it is all said and done that this is another one of the unfortunate misunderstandings that the internet breeds.
  17. You may well qualify to be the first person on my ignore list!
    You've worn out your welcome in my book.
  18. I think you just said it backwards.
  19. NewTyer1, stop already! You are a pox on this beautiful sport. THe man you tried to rip off on another forum has had horrible losses in his life. Your story about being a vet and all what else has nothing to do with your personality and your nefarious actions on several flyfishing forums. Many of us are vets and many of us are disabled. YOu are the only one I've ever known who uses that to gain things for himself. Just STOP. I have been treated for "multiple conditions" and I give equipment to people. That included you. You might try honesty starting now. It's a good thing.
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  20. Relationships among folks are a lot like math. Can anyone figure out the constant in all these equations? I for one don't think the rest of the world is wrong...
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