Request for help recovering payment or rod from NewTyer1 aka Scott Martin

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Mayfly Aviator, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Exactly, if it was just one person reporting this I could look past it, but I can't suspend rational thought long enough to chalk all these separate instances up to some sort of misunderstanding.

    Also, a DD-214 could easily have portions of it blacked out to hide the personal info he's so worried about. Or just send it to Jerry if he's worried about security.
  2. The guy has money to buy a top of the line US made rod and reel, but has still solicited a charity for free gear. He's received free gear and then turned around and sold it. He's failed to ship gear after he's been paid for it. He refuses to verify his veterans status. If anyone deserves to be black listed from the sport this guys does.
  3. I've seen many DD 214s on the net. All of the guys blacked out the personal info except their name. Which left their service record open for review.

    There's too many boards and misc people laying claims for it to be a fluke.
  4. Only thing matters about him being a vet is that some of the people he scams are vets. Otherwise I don't see the relevance.
    Charming and seductive prevaricators are difficult people to say the least.
  5. This, in my opinion, should not have been laundered on an open forum. Pity the mods couldn't do it more discretely and then once resolved to finality, posted info the effect of 'beware newtyer1'

    i'm not defending his actions in anyway, but it certainly could have been handled a lot better than it was.

    I thought this forum was much better than public humiliation on this scale.

    I'm done, and i ask that my account be deleted from this forum.

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  6. As a 100% disabled Viet Nam Vet this guy makes me want to puke, preferably on him. NewTyer1, your giving all Vets a bad name. Good news is, word of his misdeeds have traveled far and wide on the internet.

    As far as your DD214, Burn off a copy, use a Sharpie to black out the SSN and Home Address for PERSEC, then copy it and e-mail that puppy anywhere.
  7. Ooops, double post
  8. Dishonor needs to be called out. Sometimes discretion is enabling.
  9. I have more respect for Mr. Eagle Elk than any other veteran I have met including my own son. When he voices his opinion on topics like this I listen.

    NewTyer1, get the fuck lost before somebody around here decides to hunt your sorry ass down.
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  10. The original poster made it pretty clear that he attempted to resolve this himself. This is not Ebay or Paypal where there are ways to dispute charges\recourse to get your money back. This is a bunch of good old boys and hippies trading\selling gear and talking about fishing. The mods have no power more than banning someone from these forums, and even if someone is banned they can make a new account. The only power he had to get something accomplished was to go public with it in the hopes that he got the rod\money OR made sure no one else was taken advantage of.

    If people dont want to see posts like this ever then get rid of the classifieds, otherwise this is something we are going to have to deal with every so often. But with the 100s of good trasnactions and trades that happen monthly it would be sad to this part of the forum go.
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  11. Blah Blah Blah someone call the whambulance! I dont even have words for all the things that TRUE HONORABLE VETS are thinking right now. Words are cheap anyways. What you need is old fashioned street justice!
  12. I'd notify all the boards, all the TUs and VA fly clubs. So what if he says he's "working on it". Get him removed from scamming opportunities and then later when he can certify he's got things fixed, then consider whether to let him back. Me, I don't think he'll ever get things in order. Let him be known as a craigslist.scammer.

    I would have liked to have met him when I was in the service. His mailing address would have been NavSta Phila.
  13. Its crazy to see how many people came out of the wood works to share similar stories about getting scammed by him! He will definitely change all his info so its best to share what to look out for on as many forums as possible. Im gonna sign up for a ton just to hopefully save someone else from being dooped.
  14. Veteran or not you are using the status to scam people (other vets), organizations and vendors out of equipment for no other reason but personal gain and your actions could cause vendors to drop their support of these badly needed veteran support organizations (groups). You sir (I used the term very loosely) should be ashamed of yourself!
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  15. NewTyer1, I forbid you from making eye contact with the 82nd Airborn Patch! And secondly how the heck did you get a bad-ass fly fisherman on your signature!?
  16. My daughter is very handy with computers and she found the fly fisherman online while I was at work one day and added it to my signature :)
  17. Wow, I'm nowhere close to this point of view. This is the internet, is it not? If the scam is being committed here, why not handled here? It's not up to the mods to be some kind of investigative branch of WFF, but I think they have gone above and beyond to bring clarity to what's going on for the benefit of of all of us, at least to my satisfaction. Several have called him out on his dealings and I personally can't accept his explanations as being isolated incidences as he discribes them.

    I'm going to suggest that this "vet" thing is nothing more than a ruse to cloud the issue. It's not about misrepresentaion of who you are or what you did in the past, it's about misrepresentaion of your intent. He has deliberatly misrepresented his intent, to do with the items that he requested be sent to him and to ship items paid for... it's been documented by others here. I'm no lawyer, but I think you call that fraud.
  18. LOL:D . Good one!

  19. I'd normally agree with this sentiment, but this is obviously beyond one person's poor experience with NewTyer1. I'd hope that this kind of thread doesn't become the norm for people who have a poor transaction experience and I feel reasonably confident that it won't.
  20. I have been here over ten year's and have never seen anything like this.
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