Request for help recovering payment or rod from NewTyer1 aka Scott Martin

Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Mayfly Aviator, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. You eloquence has shone Sir and I salute you. Thank you. THere will be a box or reels set up to fish just down the road. Regarding you not have been in the military please may I assure you that you really are in service to your country in a way that makes you shine.
  2. Back when I was in the service there was alternative ways to serve. I believe Peace Corps and other humanitarian service counted.
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  3. Man, it just got dusty in here. Must be the wind over here on the dry side. God bless you Jerry. You may not have worn the uniform of a warrior but, nonetheless, you have the heart of one.
  4. MUCH respect to the mods , and members of this forum .
  5. Hi,

    I found this thread from another site. Scott aka NewTyer1 has been scamming fly fishing forums across the internet for a few months now. I am a member of PA Fly Fish forums and Scott tried to "sell" an Orvis Superfine on there. Someone on the site called him out on selling a PHW rod and basically called him a piece of shit for doing so. He retorted that he hated to sell the PHW rod and the Superfine but his daughter had cancer and he needed to use the money for travel and hotel expenses. One of my fellow degenerate members of the forum, being a caring father with kids who had recently battled cancer himself, decided to do a little fundraiser for him. I agreed to match the first $350 of contributions to get things going. Within a day we were at $700 with the match. I think we ended up with around $1,300 (I may be wrong as I did not spearhead it but it was well over $1000) in PayPal funds and checks. This was sent to him. He also "sold" the Superfine (not sure if guy actually got it). Check this out, somehow the PR person at Orvis heard about this, created an account on PAFF and announced that they were sending him another Superfine with a CFO and line. Ok, so everything is fine and good. He could have said, "Thanks, guys" and quietly gone away. But no. A few days later he posted that he could not go see his daughter because his ex-wife took a restraining order out on him. So obviously everyone is like WTF is going on here? We start prodding him, he offers to send money back if "we just tell him where to send it" (duh, asshole the PayPal account that was established for your fund and the email address you received it from). Needless to say he went away . . . $1,300 cash, $1,000 rod and reel and $? if he jacked up the guy he sold the original Superfine to, richer. He does in fact live in Virginia and yes, we do have his address and yes Virginia is a hell of a lot closer to PA than WA! The more I think about it, the more inclined I am go visit him. Sorry sack of shit.

    So, how's the fishing? LOL.

  6. Oh, I found out about this site and his scam from this one where he ripped off guys on Fiberglass Flyrodders . . ..

    I tried to post the PAFF scam however the original thread was deleted. The second thread where the gentleman came up with the idea to raise funds is in their "Off Topic" section and if I post the link it will be dead because you have to be a member and sign in to see it.

    And here is where it's gets nutty . . .,28043,flat.html

    Looks like he got some nice gear and free trips out of PHW . . . .,26419,381523.html#forumpost381523

    Out of curiosity, what rod did he "sell" you? Superfine?
  7. Seems to me there is postal fraud here which is a federal offense. Jeff, the fishing is okay. Thank you for posting. Calling him a sorry sack of shit is being kind. He needs to be slapped and prosecuted.
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  8. To the OP in this thread who was sold items and the guy stole his money, maybe. To those of us who gave him cash, Orvis who gave him rod/reel, meh we were just stupid. It was right around Christmas time, so a lot of folks were in generous moods. Hell, I relayed the story to my parents and they sent me a check for $250 made out to him (a stranger) because it was such a compelling story. Luckily he started in with the nonsense when I still had the check sitting on my desk, so obviously the check was just voided.

    One of the sadder things is that the guy who started it up, myself and a few others that played a bigger role in it are pretty skeptical people and it was a leap to actually do this. I know the guy who started the whole thing (a friend of mine) has been so apologetic to the forum community as he feels responsible for coming up with the idea. Me, personally, I feel what goes around comes around and really hope that this guy gets his in the end. Having said that, I would still help a stranger, however they would be vetted first.
  9. Wow. He complained about the Superfine and CFO Orvis gave due to the PAFF sob story as well. I had forgot about that since the post was deleted. I suggest that if any of you folks are members of other forums that the word be put out on this guy.

    Edit; (yes, I am just now reading through this complete thread as I had previously landed on the last page). So he was posting on here defending himself as of this Tuesday? Wow.

    Double Edit: HE POSTED HERE YESTERDAY?!!?!? Balls!

  10. This guy makes me SOOOOOO angry! These stories make me want to really F%$K him up. If anyone ever had it coming boy does he ever. I need to go to my happy place.
  11. And that's the real trajedy of this situation....the inherent distrust that it has generated for some folks that got burned.
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  13. Ahhhhhhhh. Thank you.

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  15. I'm gonna predict Jerry's last post gets the most "likes" ever. Thanks, Jerry, Ed and Chris and the other mods for all you do. And, Jerry, from a vet who never heard this back in my day (late 60's, early 70's) and who didn't have guys like you, THANK YOU for your service thru PHW and all of your efforts.

  16. Rockthief brought up the subject of postal fraud. It's one thing for forum members nationwide to think Scott has behaved criminally. It's going to be quite another if the federal government also thinks so.

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  17. I just put a warning up on the Fly Tying Forum
  18. good gawd how has he not been arrested!!!
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