Retirement Fishing Party Rocky ford in Feb

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by William Wallace, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. You would have to supply the alcohol as I don't think I'm old enough to buy it yet.
  2. I'm usually over there most W/E's starting at that time. I might stop by for some brew !!!
  3. Depends when it is I may make a road trip.:D
  4. My brother is out of town and asked me to post, we will be at Rocky Ford Feb. 21 and 22. The more that come the more fun. We will leave early Friday morning and get a motel that night. Will leave 22 around 5pm to come home. Hope all can come, can't wait to meet you all. We might try to go back in May before he leaves for Indiana. So lets go have fun, catch fish and party!!
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  5. Been talking with my brother. He can't wait to get on the water and fish. He is still in Cailf. He hasn't much time to do anything. Hope to see you all there!
  6. Been talking with my brother. He can't wait to get on the water and fish. He is still in Cailf. He hasn't much time to do anything. Hope to see you all there!
  7. It'll be Enlightened's birthday. Maybe we'll come celebrate with you guys.
  8. Hahahahaha.

    I might be able to make it. Would like to meet some of you fellows. Please keep me in the conversation.
  9. Hello all!

    So glad that a few of you will be able to show!

    I arrived home yesterday a little early from my inspections in California, not because I was done, in fact had to leave early do to got the crap beat out of me in Ventura/Oxnard area. A buddy of mine and myself, me being proud of Seattle and wearing my Seahawks jersey, went to Buffalo Wild Wings, watched the two football games. Then decided to go over to TGIF's for an appetizer (food) we met a ex fellow Coastguardsman, who is now a special agent. Was great talking to him, so he decided to show us around town a little. My buddy was ready for bed (9pm) so we took him to the hotel and I went out with Antonio.

    We had parked in the lower parking of a garage, his truck was right at the entrance, so we walked around a little. Went to two places, bought him a drink, I did not cause I had a few during the game, but in the last 4 hours I had, none, zero, nothing. Anyways Now around midnight, we decided to go home and walked back to his truck.

    Well that is the last thing I remember.

    He was getting his keys out of his pocket, when all I heard was yelling, three guys went after Antonio, two guys on me. I remember getting punched in the face from my left side, I turned punched once and it was lights out for me. Next, I remember waking up and seeing Antonio on the ground with blood all over. Sorry if semi graphic, but this is freaking crap. Anyways, I got up and went to Antonio, checked to ensure he was breathing and yes he was. I started to yell for help when couple of young boys rode in on the BMX bikes and called 911. I couldn't cause my phone was no where to be found. Antonio was in bad shape. Police and EMS came and took us to the hospital. For me, I have a left black eye swollen shut, scrapes and cuts on face, left chest area pain from either getting kicked or punched, right hand swollen from either my punch or falling to ground, large lump and bruising on left back of scull, think from hitting ground or where I was hit from behind with something, could go on but enough said. My necklace was broken and layed 20ft from us, rings are gone, but wallet intact nothing missing. Phone was found 30ft from us laying by the stairwell area.

    Antonio is similar, but worse, prior to my discharge I found out he has numerous fracture in his face and skull. Also he received numerous stiches to his eyes, cheeks and top of head. I am keeping in contact with him for updates.

    One thing I do remember before it was lights out for me was I heard " F " you Seahawks. Just do not understand people. During the time while watching the game at BWW, it was so friendly, we cheered for 49's when they did good and 49er fans cheered when we did good. A lot of hand shakes after the game. Still don't understand, why are people sucks A holes???

    So why did it happen? Who the heck knows, just went to wrong part of town and some stupid people we ran across. Please excuse my writing but hard to see and type. This has taken awhile for me to write, cause I have to keep deleting the F bombs, four to every sentence.

    Police report was taken, boys on bikes said they saw numerous males running from parking area. They has no real description, except for what they were wearing. Really sucks, these guys will never be found unless they start bragging to friends and someone decides to do right and turn them in.

    So, by the time Feb comes, I will be ready to go fish! So please come if you can and lets enjoy the outdoors!

  10. Wow William.... Glad you're okay in that nothing more serious happened (that giants fan was put in a coma). Some people are complete idiots. Holy shit.
  11. I hope they catch the punks. Did you say the the other victim was an agent? What type? That should add extra charges. Get better soon. There's fishing to be done.
  12. Thank you guys. He was a Naval Warfare Security Specialist.

    Healing better and better each day. I WILL be ready for Feb trip to RF.

    With all the crap that goes on, WE are lucky to be a live. Do not understand people's thinking of a reason to beat the shit out of someone just wearing a sports jersey. Hell some places you cant walk the streets just because you wear a specific color that a local gang may wear. Someone was looking down on us to ensure we survived this ridiculous act of cowardness.

    If I was out yelling F U 49ers, okay I deserve what happened, but I didn't.

    For people who know me, I just love football! Do I have a specific team, well yes, but I still will high five when the other team makes a good play.

    Anyhow, So I hope to see a few people that weekend. As my brother spoke we are making a weekend out of it and will be staying at a hotel in Ephrata for the night. Looking to fish well into dark first day, then early the next. I am a person who just doesn't walk to one spot and fish all day, I am a social butterfly who goes all over, I get my exercise there for sure.

    As it gets closer I will post again. I do not think it will be hard to recognize my brother and I! We will be there around 7-8am our normal time, we always goof around by the truck getting ready, then checking each others rig to ensure we don't put on same fly! brothers think alike.

    This time I don't think we will be casting in the hotel parking lot till the light comes up!

    are we bro?

  13. I thought we would be casting in the Hotel parking lot. I still have to make it to the middle of main street!
  14. So very sorry to hear about your misfortune William. Just think good thoughts and understand that time wounds all heels.

    The Wallace boys have spoken. Hoping to get over there to meet you guys but time and Momma's health will tell. But if I do, I will not be sharing my secret, catch a fish on every cast, fly. Well, for five greenbacks, maybe. OK, so I'll bring a bunch to share.
  15. The date is getting closer, fly boxes full and now need to think of what refreshments I want to bring!

    We are going to stay Friday night at the Soap Lake Inn. Fish all day Friday, go to hotel and freshin' up a little, get something to eat, maybe more beverages somewhere, hit the hay, get up and do it all over again.

    Hope some of you can come out and play either day or both, would love to meet some fellow WFFF's.

    My brother and I will be at the Lynwood show this coming weekend, so if you see two guys being stupid, drooling over everything possible, it will be us.

    Have a great weekend!

    William BRAVEHEART Wallace

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