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  1. DSC01616.JPG New Eagle Claw Featherlight, 6'6" for 4/5 weight - $24.
    South Bend Finalist -$10 at the second hand store.
    I have always been a fan of the yellow rods and had a few over the years. The last one I had broke so I thought it was time for a new one. I like to have one handy as a loaner for beginners and non-fisherman. The new ones have a nicer reel seat and the rod is a hoot to use. Caught some trout with it last weekend. Most enjoyable.
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  2. Glad to see someone else pushing those "yellow rods" other than me! You got good deals on both. Nice finds.
  3. The rods are on Amazon. Start at $20.
  4. Nice to know. I have the new 6.5ft and 8ft Featherlight rods I got those two new for $30 total, shipped! The guy I got them from lost money on the deal. I've been thinking about getting the 7fter too. Can't go wrong at $20.
  5. What weights do the featherlights come in? I have one of the 6'6" 4/5 and it's a great little rod. I hardly get to use it, though, because my wife has claimed it as her go-to small stream/bluegill rod. Do they make a 3wt version? Amazon lists a 3/4 and a 5/6, did they change up the line ratings on them at some point?
  6. Something funny here.
    The Eagle Claw website lists 6'6" 3/4 wt., 7' 5/6 wt., 8' 5/6 wt. But, the 6'6" I just bought says 4/5 on the rod??????????
    I tried it out and it casts fine with either 4 or 5 wt lines.
    The Amazon listing is from the manufacturer so I would expect it to be the same and it is.
    Don't know what to tell you.
    Walmart also sells the rods but only the 7' and 8' .
  7. Those are great little rods, I've always liked them even though I don't currently own one myself. The cork handle and reel-seat, on yours Jack, appear to have been changed. I don't think they come from the factory like that, or do they?

  8. The new 6'6" is definitively a 4/5wt casting but I've seen it mentioned as a 3/4wt too. Despite what the 8' says on the blank (e.g. 5/6 wt) I think it's more a 6/7 wt personally. I like mine best with DT7F line. Also for Papafish, these new Featherlights are much different from the Featherlights that have preceded it the last twenty years or so (e.g. FL-300's with the black graphite and all silver aluminum reel seats). The taper is much nicer, not noodly, and that annoying hinging you'd get when trying to get a lot of line out is absent. Also the real old Featherlights models from the 1960's and 70's for the most part are really nice too.
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  9. That is the way they come now. I immediately treated the grip with cork seal.
  10. I have a Dawia 8' #7 that I bought in 1973, I beleave it's fg, would that be right? It's the only fly rod I have own and the only one I have ever fished with. thanks
  11. I "special-ordered" one from WalMart: when it arrived I immediately treated the handle with spit, pit-sweat and fish slime.
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  12. Ron remind me not to admire that rod to close.

    Jerry T
  13. I guarantee you will get way more that $20+ worth of fun from one of these yellow rods. They are just plain fun to fish with and always were. Also, I find that they appeal to the "reverse snob" part of my personality.
    A few weeks ago, I fished the rod at a favorite lake of mine. I had just gotten my hip boots on and was about to make a cast when I was approached by two very well equipped and well seasoned fly fisherman. Seeing my "yellow" rod, I could sense that they assumed I was a beginner. They confirmed that feeling when they immediately started to "talk down" to me. It was quite obvious. Anyway, I played "dumb"(comes easy sometimes) for a bit. We chatted for a few minutes and when I finally had my fill of suggestions and advice, I punched out a perfect 40' foot cast and nailed a beautiful trout right in front of them.
    I like the yellow rods.
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  14. Ron,
    If you will be attending Gary's get-together, please make sure to point out this rod. I want to make sure I don't pick it up.:)
  15. Hey Jack-

    I'd kinda like to go to this, but, to tell the truth, I'm a bit hesitant to go 'cause I think I'd be a bit uncomfortable among all the experts.....

    If I do muster up the courage to go, I'll make sure the rod is clearly marked as being a biohazard.

    Best, Ron
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  16. Ron, I'm no expert. I just invite all the experts over under the guise of a fun get together. Really I just want to get them all in the same place so I can steal all of their secrets! It should be fun, but it will also be a very educational experience for this young, new flyfisherman.

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