Reverse Spiders and a Bait Fish Patter for SRC

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  1. Letcher
    cool name
  2. Letcher was actually his middle name (Benjamin Letcher Lambuth), he was named for John Letcher, governor of Virginia during the Civil War; a distant relation. I suspect he had to put up with some crap about it from time to time. I once ran across someone named D.E. Bauch, who insisted on using the initials of his first and middle names.
  3. I really like those spiders. I like exceptionally long hackle and skinny bodies on mine and I'd be concerned that the stiffness of the guinea would keep the mallard from properly doing its thing in the water. I've found that if you have access to someone who duck hunts, alot of the mallard flank feathers off wild birds is longer then what you will be able to get from fly tying manufacturers.
  4. My chum fry!!

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  5. Now that is a great fly, nice work bro. You're going to fool some big fish with that pattern.

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  6. Although I knew this book was a bit of a "bible" for PNW SRC fly-fishing and have seen it on the bookshelves, I've only picked it up a few times, perused the first few pages and then set it back down.

    My thought was: "I started fishin' cutts back in the early '60s (albeit gear/bait) and I know their behavior and habitats. How much more do I need to know before tossin' flies at them?"

    So I didn't purchase this book until today.

    What a treasure trove!

    I've been sitting here on a rainy Memorial Day, nursing my newly-injured back and wishing I was able to get out fishin' but immensely enjoying all the information in this book.

    As someone fairly new to tying flies, all the listed patterns are well worth the price (not to mention the area specific stuff!) :)
  7. Great to hear that, Dipnet. I probably should have mentioned Doug Rose's books too.
    Take care of that back.
  8. Thanks, Jack.

    I'm familiar with the name of Doug Rose and his reputation but don't have any of his books.

    My condolences to all who knew him. I'll have to pick up some of his writing!

    After several weeks of being pretty much on the injured/reserved list, the back's finally starting to feel better. You might see me out on the Canal next week! :)
  9. Preston et al,
    The latest presentation of STREAMERS 365 is a "Candlefish" Bucktail tied by Andrew Marshall.
    Nicely done fly albeit a bit too heavily dressed for my tastes.
    Here is the link:
    #42-2013 – Candlefish Bucktail tied by Andrew Marshall | Streamers 365
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  10. Jack
    thank you for the link to Streamer 365, nice to see a Seattle based pattern on that site.

    Do you know what the hook was for the original pattern, for use in Puget Sound?

    Thank you
  11. Jeff,
    I don't know what hook was used. Mustad? Not sure what the sw hook of choice was in ps in that time. Preston probably knows.
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  13. Jeff,
    I looked up the Lambuth "Candlefish" in the book "Streamers and Bucktails - The Big Fish Flies" by Joeseph D. Bates Jr.
    Other than mentioning that the hook used was "long shank" I was unable to find any mention of a specific hook. Sizes 6 and 8 for Cutthroat sound about right. For salmon, sizes of 2/0 and 3/0 are mentioned as well as tandem and trailing hook arrangements.
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  14. Thanks Jack. I do need to buy this book.


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  15. I have caught some silvers on reverse Ks. They love it too.. nice ties.. just my humble option

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