Review: Outcast Super Fat Cat

Discussion in 'WFF Gear Program' started by Roper, Mar 9, 2005.

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    I noticed Old Man asked Chris if a Fat Cat was in the gear exchange program. Chris says they are on call, so until then I'd like to share my experience of owning one for three years.

    First, I loaned it to Backyard several times and it got the nickname of the Pimp Ship, so we'll call it that for this review.

    Simple stats include: Single Bladder, Vee style float tube. Coated canvas cover. Large valve that can lock out for quick deflating. Rigid closed cell foam pads in seat and seat back. Out of water seating.

    The Pimp Ship is fairly user friendly, simply remove one side of the stripping apron and back down into the seat. The seat holds your butt out of the water with just below your knees in the water. The seat back can be adjusted forward or backwards to your liking with straps that lock on each side. This makes for a rather stable platform to fish from. It also stays put in a good wind, although there is little option for anchoring. The P.S. has large storage pockets on each arm with integral can holders at the outboard ends. You can easily store a vest or jacket in one and four or five fly boxes in the other one. Add some snacks and you're set for several hours. In the back of the seat back there is another zippered storage pouch, but beware, items can get wet in it. The space behind the seat back and the point of the vee affords more storage, but it gets wet all the time as there is an opening in the gusset to allow water to drain from it.
    You would want a dry bag for anything you didn't want to get wet.

    There is no ready manner to carry a second rod on the P.S. but I have stuck one in the seatback pouch and run the zipper over to hold it upright. I have seen Ivan strap one to his pouch on the arm.
    I have shoulder straps attached to D rings on the bottom of the P.S. to back pack into a lake. The P.S. is very light and not too bulky if the straps get adjusted just right. There are D rings at both ends to tie it off or to beg a tow back to camp if you're beat.

    The P.S. has held up well with little effect by sun or scrapes. Just rinse it off and it looks like new.
    An upgraded version now comes with an inflatable seat but I feel its just another chance for leaks. I'll stick with the rigid foam inserts.

    The Pimp Ship is my go to float unless I have lots of area to cover, then I use my pontoon. I'm looking at adding some type of rod holder but that's about all it lacks for me.

    I hope this helps, Old Man, you can borrow the P.S. anytime.