Rio Gold fly line at over 50% off

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by silvercreek, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Rio Gold 4 to 8 wt fly line sale at Cabela's.

    Thanksgiving day only. $34.95 and free shipping with 3WINTER code on checkout.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I just knew that this would get me in trouble. Should be here on 12/9/2013 but I will put it under the tree for something from the guy in the red suit.

    Thanks again.
  3. sweet deal
  4. Reading the fine print, it says that these lines are all one color.
    Now I am wondering if Rio made as production change and thus the low price?

    But for that price, I am willing to gamble a bit. Besides, I need a new line. Merry Christmas, Charlie.
  5. the box makes it look like the old model. the ones on rio's website have the newer box. given the discount, and the picture supplied by cabelas, it is most likely the old model rio gold.
  6. In the question and answer area of Cabela's form it mentions that the lines are the same but only one color. I guess we shall see.
  7. I had a yellow fly line. It didn't seem to scare the fish.

    One question. Why do they use such bright colors on floating fly line when sinking line is black or dark brown.
  8. The fish like it. Brightens up the view above and adds contrast to the intense blue sky, or the dull gray one, depending where you are.
  9. I don't think it matters much. When they are sitting on top of the water, back-lit from above, they all pretty much look black.
  10. For those who were wondering I grabbed a WF5 line and its gold/moss in color.
  11. Discount still applies today both on the line and the shipping it appears.

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  12. Just jumped on this! It's still good on Cyber Monday with free shipping too.

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  13. Don't know about the free shipping. I looked at the web site and now they say FREE PICK UP AT THE STORE. My invoice says FREE SHIPPING.
    But I ordered it on Friday.

    I also looked at the web site for Rio Fly Lines and here is what they say about the Gold fly line. It comes with:

    In the finish.
    MOSS/GOLD in sizes 3 wt through 9 wt.
    MELON/GRAY DUN in sizes 3 wt through 9 wt.
    Orange 4 wt through 6 wt.
    Lumalux (whatever that is) in sizes 5 wt., 6 wt., and 8 wt.
  14. There's something to be said when companies sell older year gear without posting it as such. It's happening way too often

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  15. I've heard this is the best selling fly line, how come?
  16. The attraction for me is the long rear taper. That helps avoid the hinging effect when I aerialize a lot of line for a long cast. Also, It's not overweighted by more than one line size like what seems to be the current trend.

    For me, it casts true whether short or long and feels comfortable (whatever that means).

    Back when Rio was making Sage lines (before both were owned by the same parent) the same taper was called, "Sage Ultimate Performance Taper." I always liked that line.

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  17. Is this a good all around line?
  18. Hold an orange flyline over your head with the sky in the background. Now, hold a black flyline over your head with the sky in the background. Tell me which has a more visible silhouette.
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  19. Yes. Arguably one of the best all around lines.

    It fishes like a half size heavier though, which isn't a bad thing. Just be aware of that.

    "It is indeed the same line, taper, etc… Just one color to keep the costs down for Cabela’s and allow them to sell the line as a less expensive sale item. Please let me know if you have further questions or comments. Have a great day!"

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