Rio Gold fly line at over 50% off

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  1. They must have run out of the single color gold line in the 5 wt because I got the two toned version.
  2. I sucked in. Have an SB after my product number. Guessing Special Buy. Whatever, looking forward to it. It's been too many years on my old line, and I should have no problem seeing it. Don't know whether I'm getting this from my son or daughter for Xmas. Thanks kids.
  3. Well, my line arrived this week. Everything I was led to believe was not correct. They sent me what appears to be the top of the line. It is two colors and marked as the higher priced line in the catalog. The only thing I can see is that the box is the older style and the line is the newer style.

    As of this morning (12/12/2013), Cabelas is still selling these lines at roughly 50% off. No free shipping but free pickup at the store.
  4. This is incorrect. Here it is straight from me at the RIO HQ. These are old Gold's from before the technology change of a few years ago. Same color and taper but WITHOUT MaxCast Technology or a MaxFloat tip.
  5. This is incorrect. Here it is straight from me at the RIO HQ. These are old Gold's from before the technology change of a few years ago. Same color and taper but WITHOUT MaxCast Technology or a MaxFloat tip.
    Thanks for the reply Aaron.
    I think this troubling information.
    Cabelas is selling a name brand line with the same name as the new improved version. Most buyers will think they have the real deal but it is old technology.
    I think that Rio has made a mistake here...
    If Cabelas wanted a Rio line to sell cheaper Rio should have made a line with another name without the new technology.
    This line will probably perform great for most fly fishers. But it is not a Rio Gold.
    Another case of the big box stores pressuring the manufacturers to do it cheaper for them, and Far Bank (Rio) buckled, too bad.
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  6. Thanks for the update, Aaron. Well, I wonder what they will cast like.
    As soon as I can get out, I will try it.
  7. So a 2013 Toyota Camry is not a Toyota Camry by your definition because there is now a 2014 Toyota Camry available? Companies release new models of the same product all the time, especially fly line companies.. Rio just redid the Outbound Shorts this past year, and again they are redoing them next year so they are on discount at $34.99 despite being "new" this year.

    It is pretty obvious that these were the old Rio Gold fly lines even before contacting Rio. Cabelas clearly had a picture of the old model. That being said, they are still Rio Gold's and if you bought one, you still got a great fly line at a pretty good price. Sure it doesn't have the newest technology from Rio, but that is to be expected given the old model that was pictured and the discounted price. Also when you consider they still were offering the new model, with the new model pictured, at full price, its even more evident that these discounted ones were probably the old model.

    It seems two people here got different responses from Rio, and while that is unfortunate, it is to be expected seeing as they probably have some random intern or something answering customer emails.
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  8. Both responses supposedly from Rio sound to me like these are newly manufactured lines that were made just so Cabelas could sell them for less but they do not have the technology of the "new Gold" but are still being marketed as GOLD lines.
    That would be like Toyota making 2014 Camrys with 2013 technology and marketing them to consumers, who don't know the difference, as the same as the 2014, but selling then for 10k.
    Oh and another thing. Did all of the independent shops have the opportunity to buy these pseudo-Gold lines for a budget price so they compete with Cabelas? Prolly not.
    I still think Rio sold out. to the big box.
    Next we will see Rio Grands at Costo for a six pack for $100.00. But they really won't Grands just Semi-Grand.
  9. What a hoot. Anybody with half a brain could see that this is the pre-2013 packaging and should have known that what they were buying was the the nats a$$ a year ago and is now incapable of catching fish. Rumor is that the the 2015 gold will have tears from the eyes of newt adorned on it by the finger tips of the Virgin Mary. SA will counter with some formula invented by the gay nazis for christ.

    The pre-2013 lines have been selling for this price for a year now at the right places. It's a good deal.
  10. I think you should re-read what Rio told him:
    Plus to top it off, it was so obvious these were the old Rio Gold's based on the price and picture. Should have known before purchasing, as I stated the day this was posted here.
  11. But you ignored the first post from RIO that said they made the line specifically for Cabelas so they could sell them cheaper.
    AND if these were really OLD STOCK (which I doubt) did Cableas let their customers know they were not the current model??
    I am sticking with my theory unless Rio gives us an official story to prove me wrong.
    As far as I am concerned this is just another stab-in-the-back by Far Bank for the local fly shops.
  12. Jesse, not sure what else to say besides reiterating these being old lines, in old packaging(minus the new logos, coloring, branding and trademarks), with old technology (No MaxCast or MaxFloat as folks have pointed out). Far from a stab in the back in that we permitted our dealers to exchange these very lines for the updated versions when we made the changes, or blow them out. That's your official story.

    Going to have to fire whoever leaked this! Thanks for the heads up on SA.

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  13. Well, according to the box mine came in, it has all the additives that are listed on the Rio web site, except the MAX CAST AND MAX FLOAT
    features. I am a dumbass so I do not know what those are except they make the line float like a cork and cast 300 meters off the rod tip.

    That said, I suspect the proof is in the pudding, or rather casting.
    As soon as I can get the hands to work and the weather permits,
    I plan to take it out and test it.

    For what I paid, I doubt that I can go very far wrong.
  14. Aaron I will accept that as the official story!
    I apologize for being so suspect.
    I just could not imagine that Rio would have enough of these NOS line for Cabelas to have a national sale on them.
  15. if that's true... why aren't all flies black?
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  16. You've got me there!
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  17. I guess I won't be posting line sales anymore......... Who knew it would upset so many people??
  18. Post away... What follows can be informative and entertaining.
  19. It's not your fault, please continue to post sales on here. The problem lies in those stubborn enough to disregard the obvious and believe what isn't true.

    Those that realize what is actually being sold at a discount instead of hoping and then witch hunting will be rewarded with great gear at a great price.

    Bottom line is that those who bought this line for that price got a nice deal on a fly line that will catch a lot of fish for them.

    Lets stop the witch hunt please

  20. well, entertaining at least...

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